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  1. 2 hours ago, Killed_by_Death said:

    Resonance in a solid-body stringed-instrument actually removes vibration energy from the string, so unless there's an anti-Resonant frequency, I don't think there will be any Constructive Interference from the wood.

    And when that body vibration (with certain frequencies attenuated) is transferred back into the opposite ends of the string? What will be the effect of that on the harmonic content of the vibrations in the string - where you agree you are likely to see both  co strict I’ve and destructive interference? It is, after all, the string that is being sensed by the pickups.

  2. 3 hours ago, Killed_by_Death said:

    Re: Conservation of Energy

    Is there really though?

    I mean, it's losing energy immediately after being plucked.

    How can we discern a standing wave that increases amplitude of frequency X from just the attenuation of adjacent frequency Y?

    Sigh... no one is saying that the volume of the output is increased. The reference was to constructive and destructive interference between sound waves in the body and string. The references were to relative changes in the intensity of different frequencies within the vibrations of the string and hence subtle changes in the spectrum of frequencies in the sound sensed and outputted by the pickups. Irrespective of the overall volume output of the instrument which, of course, decreases after initial plucking of the string as dampening effects occur.

    As to how two waves of the same or different frequencies interacting can increase or decrease the amplitude of either frequency (or indeed, interact to create other frequencies)... I’ll just leave this infographic here. 



  3. 2 hours ago, Downunderwonder said:

    It doesn't matter if the tone is imparted by addition or subtraction. 

    My thoughts as well. It seems to more of a semantic point than anything around a definition of the word “impart”.

    Thinking through the potential physics at play I don’t necessarily buy the “the body wood can only subtract frequencies” premise either. The strings will transmit vibrations into the body at the nut and bridge. These will rattle and reflect around the body/neck materials in all sorts of random ways at different frequencies. Some will be, of course, absorbed and dampened (at different frequencies and different amounts) reducing the overall energy of the system. However, it’s just as plausible that at some frequencies interference patterns or even standing wave vibrations could be formed within the body increasing the amplitude of those frequencies at the expense of others. 

    The vibrations in the body would then transmit back into the strings at two points (nut and bridge) creating more complex overtones in the string. However, again since these would enter the strings at both ends it seems plausible that interference patterns could be formed at certain points along the string, potentially enhancing some harmonics while dampening others. If positive nodes coincide with the sensing area of the pickups - given the short wavelengths of many of the harmonics of the fundamental that also seems likely - within the complex waveform of the vibrating string there are likely to be positive and negative nodes at different micro-frequencies with some, therefore enhanced and others diminished, without breaking the law of the conservation of energy.

    But as others have said, a bass sounds good if a bass sounds good and it’s core tone is a sum of the various parts (including player and playing style). It’s not simply attributable to one single factor and the organic nature of wood and potential variation in physical properties within one species - or even one tree/plank/piece of wood - means the effects on sound aren’t reliably predictable purely on the basis of species name (the usual contention at the heart of most online tone wood debates).

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  4. 55 minutes ago, Killed_by_Death said:

    It comes from the pickup coils, the wood just attenuates certain tones from the timbre.


    This is a logical fallacy though, isn’t it? The statement implies (or seems to from reading and rereading it) that only additive “resonances” would make a difference to the tone/sound/frequency spectrum coming out of the instrument output. EQ can be subtractive as well as additive, after all. 

    If, for simplicity’s sake to demonstrate the point, a body material attenuated all frequencies below 200hz that bass would sound thin. If another body material attenuated all frequencies above 500hz then that bass would sound woolly in comparison to a (theoretical) perfectly non-resonant body.  Those subtractive resonances change the tone coming out of the instrument (the instrument being taken to comprise all construction materials, the construction itself, the hardware, the pickups and the wiring).

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  5. Great to see you again! The NYE set sounds great, really enjoyed that. Love a stripped down acoustic band and that Club is sweet.

    Hoping all the medical stuff goes really well!

  6. 19 hours ago, TheGreek said:

    I (well, @philw) found my Wal custom through the Wal forum on FB.

    Are you looking there?

    Yes, a lot of folks pop advance warning up at the Wal Bass Lovers Of The World Unite FB group before they consign them or launch their TB/BC/Reverb ads... Well worth a look.

  7. 1 hour ago, Stingray5 said:

    Hmmm, I was thinking more about seeing him live at some point later in the 70's. I did see Caravan a number of times through the 70's (including when "For Girls Who Grow Plump..." was released). But my memory could very well be playing tricks on me so guess it could've been with another band/project (Aviator?).

    Confused? I will be...! :D 

    Wow, someone who's heard of Aviator! Yes, he'd have been fully Wal-ed then up. His short scale JG bass.





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  8. Wal did like a bit of leather!

    The first ever Wal, owned by John G Perry (ex Caravan)


    Me having a noodle on it at Wal in High Wycombe way back...


    Leather scratch plate JG series... Theo de Jong


    Chris Squire’s triple had one too...


    The orders list. Some famous (and one or two surprising) names on there...



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  9. 3 minutes ago, Cat Burrito said:

    It is really sad because it wasn't the bands fault. I thought she had an amazing voice

    Doubly so given her well documented performance anxiety issues. That can’t have helped!

    3 minutes ago, Cat Burrito said:

    During lockdown I checked out the last 2 albums and they were a real return to form.

    Touched By Jesus has some cracking songs on it! That’s my morning playlist sorted!

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