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  1. So here is this week’s tune - rather less homespun than last week’s. Absolutely no bouzouki on this little EDM tinged number! Let Praise Awaken. See what you think...

    Not sure I’m 100% happy with the filter tone for the pseudo synth bass sound yet - needs a touch more dialling in but it’s sort of there. Also, not sure what happened with the electric guitar. It seems to unsync itself completely by the end.
    Much as the idea of posting videos on the interweb of me playing solo appalls me to the core of my being I thought you might find the squishy, squelchy tones used interesting to hear solo... so... gulp... here are some edited extracts from the video I sent in to Ben to use in the song... shudder can’t believe I’m posting this...

  2. Here’s my pedalboard...


    Every pedal has a job to do (even if they don’t get used much or are specialised). 

    • Tuner - obvs
    • Tech 21 VT Bass DI - amp and speaker sim signal for FOH.
    • OD - for a bit of grit on the rockier numbers.
    • Chorus - for a bit of 80s shimmer on the odd worship ballad
    • Tremolo - for a bit of moodiness on some sections. It’s an effect I really like for sustained notes on a “down bridge”
    • Envelope filter - mostly used in conjunction with the OD for synth bass type sounds for those EDM influenced worship songs.
    • Lehle switcher - swaps the OD, filter, trem and chorus in and out of the signal chain so when not using them the signal goes straight from the tuner out to the Sansamp in.

  3. Recording my bass part this evening for this week’s lockdown video for our streaming service on Sunday... and look! A pedalboard! Nice to have an excuse to pull it out for the first time in three months...


    Yikes! But which ones are switched on? Hmmmm... I wonder what song it is that needs to be all squelchy? Guess we’ll find out on Sunday! 😉


  4. Cissy Strut - The Meters

    Colibri - Incognito (presuming that scatting doesn't count as words)

    YYZ - Rush

    La Villa Strangiato - Rush

    Rhayader - Camel (or in fact, the entire Snow Goose album)

    Telstar - The Tornados

    Oxygene and Magnetic Fields - Jean-Michel Jarre

  5. So this morning's Lockdown video was my bouzouki debut. King Of My Heart has a nice Celtic sort of vice to the melody and so the jangly sound worked well .Also a good excuse to drag out the acoustic bass - a Faith Neptune Titan which comes over really nicely in the track.

    Plus as an extra treat (because it was Fathers' Day) our worship leader and her dad - our senior pastor - did a nice version of the Blind Boys of Alabama's version of Amazing Grace. You might just recognise the tune!!! Back in the 70s he used to do a lot of work with Cat Stevens, Mike D'Abo and John Kongos - and allegedly gave Mo Foster his first professional gig as a session guy!


  6. 16 hours ago, Baxlin said:

    ^^^^. Terror and relief is right!  It’s not like being in the band, playing live, it’s much more intense, IMO. 

    How many ‘takes’ for each track?

    I’ve decided that directly facing the screen isn’t the most comfortable I’ve ever been, so for future vids I’m going more side-on.  Hopefully it’ll be easier to forget the camera.

    Absolutely! Been practicing the bouzouki part for a few weeks and consistently since Monday when the worship leader confirmed it was this week’s tune. Bass line is just roots and a few connecting runs so did one run through and one take. Phew. Quite a few aborted runs on the bouzouki to get a couple I was happy with. 

    Our worship lead we wants us to smile at the camera a lot... which is the very thing that throws me. Now just wondering how it’ll come out when compiled?

  7. 7 minutes ago, Huge Hands said:

    I played drums in a church band as a kid and was amazed that there was a song that started with the words "Give Thanks, to a graceful God" which I later found out was a blatant rip off of "Go West" by the Village People.  I realised when the Pet Shop Boys released their version of Go West and thought they had nicked it from church til I was put right!

    Our bass player was a basic root note only basic player but my brother was the piano player and we used to try and mix things up a bit where we could.  Unfortunately we were backing a small group of well meaning and passionate but not very good singers (my mother was one of those!) so we couldn't get too experimental.   I'm sure other churches are a lot more advanced than we were!

    Actually, it's quite the opposite. The song was first written and recorded in 1978 by an American singer. The following year Village People released the original version of Go West.

    The song came to prominence when a popular Christian singer called Don Moen recorded it for one of his albums in the mid 80s. The Pet Shop Boys had their huge hit with Go West in the early 1990s.

    I've always just put it down to coincidence rather than any deliberate copying, though. And the melody sounds a lot like the old Soviet Union national anthem anyway...

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  8. 8 minutes ago, Chezz55 said:

    I've managed to incorporate bits of the bass lines from 'Another Brick In The Wall' (Pink Floyd),  'Do It Again' (Steely Dan), and 'South Of The Border' (Doobie Brothers).

    There's a popular worship song we do (did?) called "Do It Again" (no relation) but in rehearsals me and the guitar player can never resist throwing in "So get back, Jack, do it again. Wheels turning round and round..." as a backing vocal. It's also easy throw some Doobies feel into some of the more up tempo tunes without ripping off a particular bass line.

    We did a "Blues Night" once where all the songs in the service were done in a variety of blues and gospel-blues styles. We did a cracking version of Amazing Grace to the tune of "House of the Rising Sun" based on a Blind Boys of Alabama recording. 


  9. 4 hours ago, musicbassman said:

    Wow, this is seriously excellent!  Thanks, TrevorR.

    Great retro styling too, but speaking as an old git (who was there at the time) I would say the style is 1964 rather than 1970. 😊


    On the look, yeah absolutely. Funny thing though, the guy miming in the vid isn’t actually the singer on the track. That voice is coming out of this Winchester Born folkie!

    He was a regular at a singer songwriter club I used to frequent up in Shepherds Bush. Fabulous singer.


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  10. My “better than the original are...

    This version of Duffy’s Mercy as if it was recorded by a kicking soul band in 1970!

    Rosalie - Thin Lizzy’s cover is so much better than Bob Seger’s original...

    And speaking of Lizzy, Sade’s version of this isn’t “better” but it’s still great...

    Always had a soft spot for this cover of a Falco tune...


  11. 23 hours ago, Happy Jack said:



    Yup, three great bands from (essentially) the 70s, though for some reason nobody has yet cited The Glitter Band.

    And you need VERY good hearing to detect that there are actually two drummers playing at the same time with any of those bands. Basically, there are drums supplying the beat.

    So if it was so great and sounded so awesome, why has nobody (much) done it for the last 40 years?


    Of course my very first thought when I saw this thread was... the mighty Adam of the Ants...


    Full disclosure:  No it wasn't... it really, really wasn't! 🤣

  12. Never played a Sandberg that I didn't really, really like... not played yours (of course) but I doubt it would be the exception to that rule. Lovely looking bass - love that idea of the JMM format - I can only imagine how lovely it sounds and feels. I quite fancy the idea of a PMM format. I know that if I was buying another bass tomorrow 99.5% sure it would be a Sandberg, Enjoy!

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