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  1. Looking forward to the review on this @ped unplugged practice in my living room so not to annoy the other half has really really lost its shine and she's annoyed enough with me being around all day.
  2. Well I am reliably informed the the chap is both an all be it infrequent bass-chatter who also builds some basses but doesn't really ship them for fear of damage in transit ! If people want to find out more then can message me but i'd rather steer clear of any of that advertising malarkey ... i'm just a happy camper with my fancy rack and if i'm honest some now spare guitar stands 😛
  3. Hey Bassy folk Just received a fantastic custom oak stain bass stand I ordered off Facebook in the post Christmas blues :-S and while typically I keep my buying on more " official platforms such as here or face to face" I was very impressed by the guys photo's and prices and I figured that as i'd had a disappointing Christmas of bass stuff .... Why not treat myself. It arrived this morning tracked Royal mail and for even someone who Got a GSCE "F" in woodwork was an absolute doddle to assemble , The build quality is excellent with lovely soft foams to protect the bottoms of guitars its also waxed rather than stained to protect the finishes and my floor , I'm rather pleased , more than enough to recommend him but obviously this is no way paid or asked for so I wont link directly. His prices and dimensions are as follows , he's based in wales and was willing to do collection withing reason but teir 4 may have scuppered that. hipping to me in London was extra at cost . 3 bay 522 L x 758 H x 465 D £78 4 bay 643 L x 758 H x 465 D £82 5 bay 764 L x 758 H x 465 D £86 6 bay 885 L x 758 H x 465 D £90 Reply or message and i can pass his details on.
  4. Welcome welcome Golden rule of truss rods ..... if in doubt ... don't turn it more than a 1/4 turn , Onto new gear ..... In my experience the traben stuff are more style over substance they aren't bad instruments per say but you are paying more for the styling than the substance. When I first started playing in 1999 /2000 I was desperate for an black and white Epiphone explorer because to me it was the coolest thing i could imagine .... After playing it in a store their resident bass guy talked me into trying a thunderbird because .... first because he could modify it so it wouldn't neck dive and not having to hold a silly weighted instrument up with my fretting hand would let me learn to actually able to play it worth a damn , He aslo had an inkling that If grew out of the music i loved as a young teen, I could use the tbird for all sorts of rock l love the Tbird he was right and 20 years later I still have it along with many more expensive instruments and i still use roto swing RS66's on it too. You are lucky at least in one respect there are so many wonderful basses available very cheap these days for example many of the Harley Benton's' s blow many of the midrange basses I've tried out of the water , then i would spend as much money as i could on a great at least 250 watt amplifier because it will last you forever . I'd recommend one of these https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_mb_4_sbk_deluxe_series.htm?glp=1 ,
  5. I also disagree here My Old smoothie Ray goes from Dubby, mutey jazz machine , Grindy Drop D rock , up to Screamy pop punk , with a stomp on my Tubescreamer Really just a mid boost and volume lift) and a spin of the treble pot its up in bark town. If i wanted to "fake it" upright i have been know to quickly drop the mutes on the E and A then play up the dusty end rather than the money zone. The Ray It has rapidly become my only gigged and rehearsed Bass , invading practice too aI was feeling lazy and grabbed my remaining jazz for last nights noodling and within 10 minutes i had conceded and gone to get the Ray ... its just " HOME" There's some surprisingly versatility even the one pickup config , where you play , rolling back volume ( surprisingly how much this effects the bite of the bass like gain) Bass and Treble Mutes and right hand technique all play into it , it also helps that the smoothie is not string aligned like a standard ray they sit astride them.
  6. That was my exact reason why i moved off metal strings on it " it its doing enough to amplify the sound in the body , having steel strings sound like cats fighting on a trampoline every time you move your left hand. Dump the bronze ... sound like the Fonze ??? no thats crap .....
  7. I have an Old Aria AMB-50 , they are really cheap to pick up used and are ovation knock offs , with the ABS back , i've got it strung with Black Nylons and its more than loud enough to keep up with accoustic guitars ... in fact that thing projects so much you feel it 😉 Oops turns out they are bit more money these days https://thebassgallery.com/products/aria-amb-50b-5
  8. After years and years of never quite being satisfied with my tone , flitting through gear and pedals i've finally settled on one i've been very happy with, which works for almost everything i play , My 2 band Stingray old smoothie .... volume at around 50% , Treble at around 65% bass at around 40% ish , then run it through my zoom b3 compressor patch " opto comp" which i believe is a Aphex punch factory sim , the comp is on for rock and off for less " loud songs ..... other than that I use the Proco Rat sim for standing in the way of control , I can get the same tone from the studio's Ashdowns , to my markbass rig , or straight to the desk with the markbass sim ..... 1 bass and pedal to rule them all ... I even took a train to a gig with "unknown backline " ... I know right O.O
  9. Yup , I have done this with two drummers , who who was just amazing but sadly was promoted up at Harrods and now has no time to do much else . But how it thundered out from behind me ... and it left me oddles of space to just have the bass ring out , our other drummer other took quite some time to learn it and i do feel it dosent quite have the same Gravitas.
  10. We also do a mean version of this , the trick is to have a drummer who is confident enough to get the fills right 😉
  11. I was looking at that .... telebass on the trade sites but my thoughts ... hrmmm its not Maple , i'd not really get on with it. I seem to be the odd man out here ... I love me a maple board ... not one of those horrible satin things ....a good honest to goodness Nitro Lacquer . Its a tone thing for me ... i have two excellent jazzes and its always the maple i go for its brighter and more adaptable as i can turn the town down to find my mud but not get the bite back when im playing somthing that needs it.
  12. I'm a in a band that aims to do this , called Guilty Pleasure , female fronted 90's rock Wheatus , Avril Lavinge , sixpence none the richer , Savage garden alongside the more rockier and acceptable , greenday , and covers staples The bands aim is to hit that 90's and early 2000's stilton factor 😉 im currently in talks to try to avoid doing "busted" mainly because i don't want to have to jump up and down in time on " thats what i go to school for" , which willeend up with 6'4 of me hitting my head on ceilinings and getting concussion Instead pushing pushing for Stacie's mom .... that songs go it going on 😉 This was a result of realising it was always the more cringey oddball numbers we did that got better reception ...along with the audiance age being more 20- 40 somthings who are likely to be down the dog n duck on a thursday night.
  13. The bridge definitely is ... perhaps bigger than the humber 😉
  14. Have you tried putting the magnum III in there you might be surprised how well it fits ...... 😉 Mine is in a Mag 2 case I'm actually the current custodian of Flat Eric's Grey-burst Magnum III ... for anyone who has never played one of these they don't sound anything like you think you might think there all mud ... but they really growl and bark when you need them too , interesting ... did you add the thumb rest along the top to mimic a magnum II's mine doesnt have one and it would definatly improve playability. Synth / lyle
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