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  1. Am not sure at the moment if my others Yamaha's sell then I may keep it for now as its a bit different to my P basses that I now play.
  2. Still got a BB734A that am trying to convince myself to sell too.
  3. Never thought I would do this but am now looking for a new home for my BB 424x. I've had it a good few years and it's seen off all the competition from my other basses, Stingrays Ibanez SR series, Jazz basses and many others. This thing has just slotted in perfectly for gigs ranging from dodgy boozers to festivals. I have recorded with it and again it sounded awesome. Reason i am selling all my Yamaha's is I've just fallen for the look and simplicity of a precision. This has brand new D'Addario 45-105 Nickel wounds on. The fretboard a has just been oiled and its ready to gig. Nice low action. Everything works as it should. Collection from Huyton, Liverpool or meet up in the North West. Can post at buyers expense and risk.
  4. Still looking for a new home for this fantastically made quality 5 string. Could be temptedb by a trade for a jazz bass
  5. Yamaha BB 414. Great player. Sounds fantastic. Lovely Rosewood fret board. Neck feels a lot slimmer than the 424 series that I also own. Electrics all work fine with no hum or buzzing. Used this at many rehersals and gigs and band members always asked me to use this bass over my more expensive ones. Down side.. the truss rod is very stiff to move. It will turn in either direction but starts to feel stiff, to the point where I don't want to risk turning it any further. To counter this I have put a shim in the neck and it now has a nice low action without any issues. The sting height can be successfully adjusted via the bridge saddles. Just wanted to be up front about this Collection from Huyton Liverpool, or meet up in the North West. Can post at buyers expense and risk.
  6. Bump for a fantastic playing 5 string bass. Being a Yamaha you get the exceptional build quality, fit and finish rightly associated with brand. Currently strung with Cobalt flats but I can replace them with an almost new set of DR Hi Beams if preferred.
  7. Would consider a trade for a jazz bass. Yamaha BB425x. Very good condition. Full of great useable tones. Very easy to play. No longer playing 5 strings so it's not getting the use it deserves. Collection. From Huyton, Liverpool where your welcome to try it out. Can arrange to meet up in the North West. Possibly post at buyers expense and risk.
  8. Just bought a Japanese Precision from Paul. Excellent communication throughout. He kept the bass on hold for me for a few days until I could get there to try it. Great friendly guy. You can buy in confidence from Paul.
  9. Hi can you give me an idea of what's the neck width like.
  10. Would be interested in using this as as a part exchange towards a Jazz type, or short scale 4 string. With cash your way. Lightweight cab also considered or Ashdown RM EVO 500 amp also of interest. Fantastic lightweight introduction to the world of 5 string bass. Like most Harley Benton basses, this is a really well put together bass. 18mm sting spacing. Very easy to play. Roswel pickups sound really good and punch well above their weight. Used this in a good few 4 hour rehearsals, very light on the shoulders and it sounds great too. Lot of useable tones avilable with the PJ configuration. Have now bought a BB425X so this one needs to find a new home. As I don't plan on moving exclusively to 5 strings I don't need more than one of them. In great condition. Would make a great first step into 5 string bass or really good back up bass. Collection or meet up in Merseyside or the Northwest. Vintage Series Body: African alder Bolt-on neck: Canadian maple with Roseacer skunk strip Fretboard: Blackwood Fretboard inlays: Dots Neck profile: D Fretboard radius: 350 mm 20 Frets Scale: 864 mm Nut width: 45 mm Double-Action truss rod Pickup: Roswell PBA / JBA Alnico-5 single coils 2 Volume controls and 1 tone control Hardware: Deluxe Chrome Deluxe brass saddles Classic PB-Style machine heads Ex-factory stringing: D'Addario EXL .045 - .130 Colour: Vintage white high-gloss
  11. Back to black Andy on both of them. It just works with those colours
  12. One of the main things was the 424x had chromes on it, which I really like. The 1024x had nickel round wounds on it. It did sound very good for lots of different genres but without being able to nail the differences I just preferred the 424x. At one point I strung them both with nickel round wounds and they sounded very close to each other. Ultimately I needed to make some space for an incoming purchase and I decided there was more resale value in the 1024x. So that was sold on and I kept the 424x. I have no regrets moving it on. Just think the 424x does everything I need at a much cheaper price than the 1024x. The Build quality was definitely better on the 1024x, neck construction, nut, different neck pickup But the 424x is no slouch and just really good work horse. Ultimately the 1024x was sold on to pay for a precision bass.
  13. I saw that as soon as I looked at the OP's first picture. Top marks for bringing it to life
  14. Just picked up a 425x after placing a wanted advert. Keeping my 424x company as the 414 and 734a have been under the bed since lockdown began. Fell out of love with the BB shape a few months ago but I've been seduced back into the fold 😲. Bought a Harley Benton 5 string to tip a toe into the 5 string pond. Really liked it so thought I would give the 425x a shot. So far so good. Not miles better than the Harley Benton and a hell of a lot heavier but with a wide leather strap you don't notice to much and it balances well too. Currently wearing old Cobalt Flats which seem to suit the bass. The B string feels pretty tight, possibly better than the Harley Bentons. Think am going to get on with this but may alternate between this and the Harley Benton, which is wearing DR Hi Beams
  15. I find the 414 neck a lot slimmer than my other BBs . Getting close to Jazz width.
  16. I had the 1024x too and used it on all my gigs, mainly because it cost more than the 424x but eventually I realised I prefer the tone of the the 424x, so the 1024x was sold on.
  17. The 424x sounds superb. I have one with old flatwound Chromes on it and love it. Seems to suit the music we do down to the ground. Recently got 425x. This one has Cobalt flats on it. So far so good with that one. Might put some new round wounds on BB 414 to get some top end brightness. Andy what neck do you prefer out of the 414 and 424. For me the neck on the 424x is just perfect.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  19. I like them all. Even the headstock looks better
  20. After being a long term user of Yamaha BB basses I find myself in a similar frame of mind. I love the way they play, the sound and everything about them except..... the big bloated body. At one point I loved the appearance of my 424x and 1024x with the additional scratch plate and chrome but now its looks leave me cold. Sold the 1024x which was my main gigging bass, which played and sounded great and replaced it with a Precision player series. Probably not as good or as versatile as the 1024x but I just find it more appealing and want to pick it up more to play. Still got my BB 414, 424x and 734a which has a slightly smaller and more appealing Body shape. Have had the same thought about transferring all the parts off one of my BBs onto a precision style body. Hoping its just a phase and I will fall back in love with the BB body shape. Note did have a BB 604 which had a smaller body and great pre amp in but wasn't as good as any of my current BBs
  21. I did replace the earth wire under the bridge but only because I managed to damage it. I had removed the bridge earlier on to inspect the earth wire. The strands of the wire are splayed out under the bridge. When I touched them a good few snapped off so I decided to replace it. When installing the tape start at the top on the route and work down. You can overlap it and cut to shape easily. Doesn't have to look perfect just cover the full route. Also use a pencil with a rubber on the end to push the tape flat and into the corners. The edges of the tape are quite sharp and its easy to cut your finger. I also upgraded to a kiogon wiring loom. Made a huge difference to the sound.
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