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  1. 2018 made in China Classic vibe 70s Precision. This was the bass that finally converted me to playing P Basses. I now have a few of them so may as well let some else enjoy it. It's in really good condition no Dints or Dings. Has an upgraded Kent Armstrong vintage pick up, an excellent Kiogon wiring loom. Cavity is fully shielded for a super silent bass Comes with normal black white Black scratch plate but is currently wearing a cream scratch plate, tug bar and bridge cover. Strung with new DR HiBeams. Not sure of the weight but it feels very light. Certainly no boat anchor. Pick up preferred, can meet up in the North West or courrier at buyers cost
  2. Still available and sat in its gig bag waiting for a new home. Trying my best not to play it as its so nice to play with a lovely smooth neck. Unfortunately as soon as I start playing it in a band ssituation I am continually adjusting the 3 band EQ and pan pot virtually every song.
  3. Can also recommend the G&L JB2. It has a precision body shape with jazz pickups. Mine is super light too.
  4. Hi Tom, will PM you to arrange a meet up for next week.
  5. Bump for an awesome yamaha in great condition and looking for a new home.
  6. Sorry about the late reply. Been in a run of night shifts. Takes a while to get the brain working again. I got it as 4.2kg on the old bathroom scales measurement
  7. Yamaha BB 734a in stealth matt Black. Bought new from Wunjos. In excellent condition , still has the plastic cover on the scratch plate as well as the plastic control knob guide. No chips dings or scratches. Really versatile bass with the active /passive controls. Huge amount of useable tones. Brilliant Yamaha build quality with a 6 bolt neck joint. Only reason I have decided to move this on is I can't stop fiddling with the active 3 band tone control. Made me realise I am more at home with a Precision or Jazz bass. I have had many BB bases and this the best out of all the ones I have owened. Comes with a a Thomann leatherette gig bag. Weight is 4.2Kg Pick up preferred so you can try out through my Barfaced Big Twin. Can do a meet up in the North West or courrier at buyers cost. Any questions please ask. NOT after any trades unless it involves a Fender Flea Jazz Bass
  8. I was told ibuprofen for inflammation and paracetamol for pain. If the inflammation is causing the pain the ibuprofen may be of help. When I had a bad back the doctor told me not to let the pain spike and then ty and control it it with pain relief. He recommended 2 paracetamol then two hours latter 2 ibuprofen and repeat this throught the day. This stopped the pain building up and allowed to move around normally. Alternatively he said I could take 2 paracetamol and 2 ibuprofen together every 4 hours. Hope this of some help. I have zero medical training.
  9. I have the JB-2 in quite a shocking pink colour. It's the precision body shape that I prefer. It's very light, really well put together and sounds fantastic. All the classic Jazz Bass sounds are instantly available. The neck almost looks unfinished but it does a very thin coating on it. Super smooth and really easy to play. Frets are all fine and it came with a Really good set up straight out of the box. Also love the G&L Bridge. No more saddle screws digging into my hand. Very interested in trying out some other Models from the G&L range now
  10. If you get a chance pop into the Cavern Bar ( down stairs) and you can catch the Amazing Kappa band on Saturday from 5 pm till 10 pm. 3 piece band covering music from the 50s to really modern stuff. Paul Kappa is an absolute guitar Monster and Maria is mean bass player too. The place is always rocking when their on. It's just next to the John Lennon statue
  11. I have exactly the same bass as this And love the fact its a Jazz in a P shaped body yet still sounds exactly as a Jazz should. The bridge on these is a revelation for me. No more saddle screws digging into my hand when using a plec. My one is also super light weight so would assume this one is too. Can highly recommend this.
  12. I had the same thoughts about transferring the neck and all the electronics and hardware but on to a precision style body. Loved everything about my 424x except what makes it a BB. The big broad body. Now down from 5 BB's to 1. Kept the 734a as the body is just a touch smaller all round and weighs a bit less
  13. Think am going to be in a minority of 1 here but as far as selling goes I've never managed to sell anything on Basschat. Love this forum and spend way too much time lurking in the background. I have bought a lot of basses, amps, strings, pickups and pedals here and everyone has been a pleasure to deal with. Unfortunately I've not managed to sell 1 of about 12 basses I've moved on over the years. The best I've managed was a trade swap deal that went very smoothly. Everything I've sold has been through Facebook marketplace or one of the many bass for sale groups. I've dealt with some really great people who have been a pleasure to deal with. Also had a few potential scammers and low ball offers but I just consider it all part of the process. I always reply in a timely and friendly manner to all offers and inquiries, even if its just to say "sorry, afraid I can't go that low Unfortunately" or "sorry I can only ship within the UK but thanks for your interest". I don't mind the low ball offers and chances, just say no and wait for the right offer. Recently had 3 Yamaha BB bases for sale on here. Got plenty of likes and some nice comments. Even after offering postage or a meet up and eventually a price Drop or trade options I never got one solid offer here. They all sold through Facebook Basses for sale Groups and the people who bought them where a pleasure to deal with. One guy got a coach from London to Liverpool to buy my BB424X. We met up in the city center, bought him a coffee and a sandwich. Did the deal and he then jumped back on the coach to London. Not trying to put the Basschat Marketplace down at all but just pointing out that there are plenty of great people who buy and sell there basses on other platforms
  14. I have the Matt Black version of this. If your looking for a really versatile bass with a tonne of usable sounds I can recommend this. GLWS. Surprised its still here.
  15. Ashdown studio 15. Weighs 11kg. Sounds great. Di out socket for PA support. But in overdrive effect. Good EQ range. Pretty cheap new too
  16. No problem, sure some one will have one.
  17. A bit different but your welcome to it
  18. Is it a Yamaha one. I may have one off an old BB 300 you can have. Need to have a look through my spares box
  19. If your considering dipping a toe into the murky world of 5 string bass then I can throughly recommend this. So easy to play,great range of sounds. 18mm string spacing . Loads of tonal variations. I finally clicked with 5 strings once I got this. Unfortunately it's no longer needed as there is no need for it in my current band.
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