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  1. You know that feeling where you contemplate selling everything you really don't need and keep the bare essentials? Yeah, something like that.

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    2. Daz39


      Noooo. You just need a bigger house, or an extension, or trade away a child. Any of those is acceptable surely!

    3. Dood


      Oh mate.. I DO need a bigger house WITH an extension. Tough one on the kids actually. I kind alike them both. Maybe I could get the older one to do some Saturday work on the oil rigs to bring in some extra cash. Possibly a bit on the little side to operate the cranes and the like though.

      Anyone know the lottery numbers coming up??? Or has won the lottery and not sure what to do with the odd 100 thousand? lol 

    4. mangotango


      It's worse than that for me.  Sometimes I end up in a bad place mood-wise, which results in feeling like I should sell all the gear I have and then start again from scratch.

      Inevitably, this happens in moments of deep, desperate, despairing dissatisfaction with my sound. Don't judge me - we've all chased tone dragons, I'm sure.

      Thankfully, most times I manage to avoid throwing the baby out with the bathwater and keep a vaguely sensible head on my shoulders. 

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