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  1. PhilLawton

    WarwickDolphin 2003 - Made In Germany - SOLD

    Beautiful bass...have a bump.
  2. PhilLawton

    SOLD## BOLIN 5 NS DESIGN PIEZO## new photos ##

    Beautiful thing.
  3. PhilLawton


    My favourite Alembic body-shape. How much do kidneys fetch on the black market these days?
  4. What a beautiful thing. So glad that it's lined, or I'd have been on the horns of a serious dilemma. Good luck with the sale.
  5. PhilLawton

    FS Warwick Thumb BO 5 -- SOLD

    Nice. Have a bump.
  6. PhilLawton

    FS/FT Prometeus Concertogrosso SOLD

    Have a "Can't believe no-one has snapped this up yet"-type bump.
  7. PhilLawton

    Sold!! Warwick Thumb NT 5 Single Cut

    My morning is now effectively ruined.
  8. PhilLawton

    Mayones Custom 5 with leds Stunning thick sound

    Isn't it, though...
  9. PhilLawton

    Mouradian CS-74

    Nice...Chris Squire used to use a green one.
  10. PhilLawton

    Fodera Emperor II 5 Buckeye Burl - SOLD

    Ye gods, that's gorgeous.
  11. PhilLawton

    Alembic Series 1 special wood top

    You think this kind of behaviour is big and clever? The cat just drowned in a tsunami of my saliva.
  12. PhilLawton

    TRADED Shuker Singlecut 5-string Buckeye Burl £1700