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  1. Bit of a long shot, but if any of you have a Suzuki Grand Vitara ( 2005-2014, I think ) and would like some roof bars, I have a pair gathering dust ( literally ) Free to pick up North Hants ( RG7 postcode ) or I guess I could work out how to post at cost. Pretty sure they wont fit any other car, and definitely won't fit standard estate car rails. The Vitaras had a kinda wide gutter arrangement. Like these but dustier.
  2. Hard to imagine doing a ski resort residency and not skiing. There is absolutely nothing to do in a ski resort during the day, other than skiing or related winter sports. Nothing at all. And the nearest town of any size is probably an hours scary drive away. My limited experience of going to bar gigs in French ski resorts is that they will be very rowdy, and the venues will be small and crowded. Make sure your set list is crammed full of popular singalong hits. Not a place to bring out your favourite Yes album track.
  3. Please post the details. I'd play. As would the rest of my band. We play for fun. Lots of bands do.
  4. It's not in Hertfordshire, is it ? I'm going to a family wedding there on 26th.
  5. I reckon Chris Wolstenholme as centre-back. He looks like he wouldn't take any prisoners and I would send him forward for corners and free kicks.
  6. Genesis - Seconds Out Be Bop Deluxe - Live in the Air Age. Bought both of these when they first came out ( late '70s ) , and listened to them regualrly ever since. Blew the equivalent of 30 pints of beer* on Yessongs while at uni, probably because of the cool artwork. I don't think I ever listened to it all the way through more than once, and probably never played any of the 3 LPs more than 4 or 5 times in total. Held a grudge against Yes ever since. *Beer was 33p a pint in our Loughborough local, so a £10 triple album was 30 pints worth. Over £100 for 30 pints now.
  7. Oh no, I love. them, and there are plenty of cars I'd rather drive than my Skoda, but a Rolls Royce's stunning craftsmanship and beautiful materials doesn't make it automatically qualify for that list. Back to the bass in question. Taste is a personal thing ( obvs ) and I don't like 6 stringers, blue epoxy, singlecut, or swirly wood tops. End of story.
  8. Well, I have to agree too. Like a high end Rolls Royce, looks good with lots to admire, and would look great on my drive, but I'd rather drive my Skoda any day.
  9. I have a pair of Beyer Dynamic DT770 Pro . Best headphones I've ever used and recommended to me by somebody who build studios for a living. I know they have lots of other fans on here, and the guitarist in my band has a pair, completely co-incidenatlly.
  10. We often finish with Rock n Roll, and we're an originals band.
  11. Does Work. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Almost no fat on it ( I did say almost ).
  12. I think that the better the band is, the more they can charge. On that basis, we are happy to play for free all the tiime. 😀
  13. Was the name of the song the same as one by somebody famous ? A friend wrote a song for our band that had the same name as a One Direction song ( not deliberatley ) , and it got loads of listens on Soundcloud. He tested the thoery by writing 3 more, deliberately named the same as 3 of their other hits. All 3 got way more listens than any of our normal stuff.
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