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  1. Was the name of the song the same as one by somebody famous ? A friend wrote a song for our band that had the same name as a One Direction song ( not deliberatley ) , and it got loads of listens on Soundcloud. He tested the thoery by writing 3 more, deliberately named the same as 3 of their other hits. All 3 got way more listens than any of our normal stuff.
  2. I've had it on vinyl, it may be festering in my loft. I missed seeing them at Uni, because a friend had his birthday part that night. It was a crap party, and I never forgave him.
  3. The first episode was part 1 of 4. The second is part 2 of 5. At that rate, it'll never finish.
  4. I've been watching Ben's guitar build videos a lot recently, beacuse it's so good to see a master craftsman at work, and he's a good presenter. Now, for the first time, he's doing a bass biuld. A P-bass from scratch, with interesting choices of materials. Now seriously considering whether I can afford to go one one of his courses.... Enjoy !
  5. Where I work we ship stuff all over the world, and receive it too. No restrictions at all at the moment.
  6. Oddly, although these are universally known as kettle leads, kettles often have a slightly different one, with a little notch in, designed for handling much higher currents than even the loudest bass amp.
  7. I saw Bruno ( basically, the same show ) at a corporate gig back in July. Outstanding musicianship all round and much more enjoyable than I was expecting.
  8. Not exactly the soundtrack to my youth, but a friend at school was a huge fan. I didn't get it at all, but he said they're much better live than on record. He got really excited when Live in the Air Age came out, and I went round to his house and listened to it, and was completely blown away. I bought my own copy, and it's hardly been off my turntable/cd player/mp3 player since. Probably my most played album ever.
  9. We did The Pretender in my previous covers band. Performed it live many times, always went down well. Didn't slavishly follow the original bass line, concentrated on getting the rhythm right, Lots of sliding down the E string. Our female BV took lead on that, suited her voice well.
  10. I'm not a real fan either, but the band I used to play in played Slip Away, which has very weird words which only made sense if you watched a certain American kids TV program, and a lovely Stylophone solo at the end. Probably my favourite of his stuff, it really got under my skin after playing it. Like Life on Mars and China Girl too, if I have to be more conventional.
  11. I saw her on a golf course in Hawaii. Neither of us were playing golf, they had converted part of it to an outdoor venue with a large stage and all us punters ( it was a corporate event ) eating picnics on the grass. Great show and she had a lovely voice, and she did the duet with her dad ( on tape, obvs. ) "live". Saw the Brian Setzer Orchestra in the car park of the same hotel the previous night. They were awesome.
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