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  1. I reckon Chris Wolstenholme as centre-back. He looks like he wouldn't take any prisoners and I would send him forward for corners and free kicks.
  2. Genesis - Seconds Out Be Bop Deluxe - Live in the Air Age. Bought both of these when they first came out ( late '70s ) , and listened to them regualrly ever since. Blew the equivalent of 30 pints of beer* on Yessongs while at uni, probably because of the cool artwork. I don't think I ever listened to it all the way through more than once, and probably never played any of the 3 LPs more than 4 or 5 times in total. Held a grudge against Yes ever since. *Beer was 33p a pint in our Loughborough local, so a £10 triple album was 30 pints worth. Over £100 for 30 pints now.
  3. Oh no, I love. them, and there are plenty of cars I'd rather drive than my Skoda, but a Rolls Royce's stunning craftsmanship and beautiful materials doesn't make it automatically qualify for that list. Back to the bass in question. Taste is a personal thing ( obvs ) and I don't like 6 stringers, blue epoxy, singlecut, or swirly wood tops. End of story.
  4. Well, I have to agree too. Like a high end Rolls Royce, looks good with lots to admire, and would look great on my drive, but I'd rather drive my Skoda any day.
  5. I have a pair of Beyer Dynamic DT770 Pro . Best headphones I've ever used and recommended to me by somebody who build studios for a living. I know they have lots of other fans on here, and the guitarist in my band has a pair, completely co-incidenatlly.
  6. We often finish with Rock n Roll, and we're an originals band.
  7. Does Work. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Almost no fat on it ( I did say almost ).
  8. I think that the better the band is, the more they can charge. On that basis, we are happy to play for free all the tiime. 😀
  9. Was the name of the song the same as one by somebody famous ? A friend wrote a song for our band that had the same name as a One Direction song ( not deliberatley ) , and it got loads of listens on Soundcloud. He tested the thoery by writing 3 more, deliberately named the same as 3 of their other hits. All 3 got way more listens than any of our normal stuff.
  10. I've had it on vinyl, it may be festering in my loft. I missed seeing them at Uni, because a friend had his birthday part that night. It was a crap party, and I never forgave him.
  11. The first episode was part 1 of 4. The second is part 2 of 5. At that rate, it'll never finish.
  12. I've been watching Ben's guitar build videos a lot recently, beacuse it's so good to see a master craftsman at work, and he's a good presenter. Now, for the first time, he's doing a bass biuld. A P-bass from scratch, with interesting choices of materials. Now seriously considering whether I can afford to go one one of his courses.... Enjoy !
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