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  1. I’ve ordered one. Taking a chance on it but seeing as it has the 1 month return policy. I don’t see it as a big risk. Im thinking it’ll knock the cog Tarkin 66 off my pedalboard. Once it arrives and I’ve had a play I’ll chuck up a review.
  2. I’m looking forward to hearing some demos of this pedal. I currently have a cog Tarkin and knightfall In one pedal but only have the ability to switch between the two not have both on. The parallel idea really grabs me, and I like stacking dirt pedals. I’m watching this with interest and wondering if it might knock my Tarkin 66 off the board. As @Salt on your Bass? asked. What are the two drives in this based on?
  3. It has and I tried many out, every time I put one on unless it was very transparent I didn’t like it. I just don’t think compressors are for me! I wouldn’t necessarily say wiser lol unfortunately I did buy it new but I did sell it on for not a massive loss
  4. Best purchase this year for me has to be G&L SB-2, which was one of those “that’s the tone i have in my head” moments to the point where I replaced the pickups in my bitsa to MFDs too. Worst purchase for me was probably a tc Spectracomp. Mostly because after using it I realised I didn’t need a compressor (or I’m not clever enough to hear the worth) and I ended up dialling it back further and further until there wasn’t a difference between on and off.
  5. Loving the Eko bx-7. I had one about ten years ago that had been painted black by a previous owner. I found it in a ad in a newspaper shop for £30 and I stripped back to original finish. Had white dimarzio p and jazz pickups in it.
  6. In regards to the pickup cover, I thought it was a bit odd to put it on seeing as when the bass was played in the hot chocolate video they showed, it didn’t have one on. I would have kept it the same as how it looked then.
  7. Selling my Spectracomp compressor. I have realised compressors aren’t for me. I’m not playing a lot at the moment so not worth me keeping hold of. This was bought this year and only been used a handful of times. Has Velcro on that back but other than that is like new. £50 with free postage.
  8. For sale is an SFX Microfuzz bought off here in July. It’s a great tiny fuzz pedal. One of the earlier ones. I haven’t had much time to use it with current situations and I am not using much equipment at the moment. It has Velcro on the the back of it. I bought it for £50 so I’m selling for the same with free postage. Now Sold
  9. For sale is a micro thumpinator. It’s the new small size one that can fit under pedalboards. I haven’t had it very long, I’m sure I’ll regret selling but I’m not using much equipment at the moment. I bought it for £129 in may so I think £85 with free postage is a fair price
  10. I’m currently using kallium strings on my basses tuned to cgcf. I use a .124, .082, .061 and .045 set though but I’m sure they’ll have the string sizes you want and I find them to be great sounding. Before using these I was using rotosounds before. if you really want rotosounds go on stringsdirect and you can order singles. I think they do .115 on there and make your own custom set out of singles. https://www.stringsdirect.co.uk/strings-c1/single-strings-c810/bass-guitar-c536/rotosound-sbl115-swing-bass-stainless-steel-roundwound-single-string-115-p6094
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