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  1. Honestly it isn’t that difficult to do. Just need patience and not to put it on too thick. There’s plenty of guides around on how to do it. Give it a go and see how it comes out! If I can do it, it can’t be that hard!
  2. He said When the tuner is Engaged. When it's on it should be muting the amp when he is unplugging the bass. first thing is to make sure you have the cable to your amp plugged into the output jack on the pedal and not the bypass one. the bypass one doesn't mute when the tuner is engaged. Other than that i cant think why it would pop when you remove unplug the bass.
  3. Selling this tech 21 vt bass pedal as it isn’t getting much use anymore. I bought it to use with a micro amp to replicate the sound of my svt. Seeing as I’m not gigging at the moment and won’t be enough in the near future I can afford to lug the svt around instead. the back cover and feet have been taken off to fit better to a pedalboard which have been lost through the years i’m asking £75 including post and packaging in the uk. now sold
  4. I agree with eveyrone else ACS are great. I got mine on the musicians hearing health scheme but if i hadn't been able to i would definatley have paid full whack. Totally worth it and the best purchase i think i have ever made.
  5. Hopefully it'll turn up something then all you'll lose is the price of the body rather than feeling you've ruined the bass. Good luck Stevie!
  6. I tend to have one bass that i prefer to use (as only in one band) and i like the idea of having a "sound" that is consistant for the sound of the band. I also like to have a spare or back up for it because the idea of it breaking or having an issue at a gig terrifies me. In this band we play in Drop C so the strings on these two basses are a heavier gauge. This means that if i ever want to play anything in standard tuning (at home or at a jam) i have to have a third bass. So three is the smallest number for me.
  7. Knowing that you've got a big sentimental attachment would it be worth looking into getting a cheap bass body, doing the routing adding the pickups to it, fitting the neck from the steve harris? Then trying it out for a bit. If you like the sound enough and think you'll use it, you can then route the steve harris and transfer everything back across? The only reason i say, is the amount of times i've modded (irreversibly sometimes) and then played it just to realise it wasn't what i wanted out of it.
  8. Send Alex at Barefaced an email. He'll be able to help.
  9. as you rock the pedal backwards it goes into a sub bass territory. I’ll try it both ways and see which way works. Thanks for the advice!
  10. Yeah I had read that I thought putting it later would help with the low end of the filter on the freaker wah which is based on the parapedal. Or is it a case of if it’s taken out earlier it won’t be there later?
  11. To be honest it was more convenient to wire it up this way. I will probably swap it to fully end of the chain.
  12. Thumpinator just arrived in the post. Thought I’d get one, (mostly for the wah pedal is can go very low) also velcroed my earplugs case onto the board so I always have them so chain is now: Tc Polytune > Tc Spectracomp > Wilson mini freaker > Cog Effects Tarkin 66 > thumpinator > EHX small stone.
  13. With a tight budget in mind and the first thing that springs to mind is the Harley Benton PB50. great original Tele/precision look although it doesnt have the fat humbucker but it sounds great. Price wise it punches well above its weight and might just be the ticket. https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_pb_50_fr_vintage_series.htm and if you feel you need to it its quite easy to trim the headstock to the tele shape. i did a refinish and headstock change on one a while ago.
  14. I’d say play it first and see if you need the tone control. I thought I would when I bought mine but found I didn’t need it. Changing the volume of the pickups can get a pretty good approximation of a tone rolled off. then again if it doesn’t work how you want it’s simple enough to change!
  15. Updated my board, added in a small stone. I was tempted by a EarthQuaker Grand Orbiter but couldn’t justify the cost for something that I won’t use a lot. I may swap it out for one if I find I use this a lot and not 100% happy with it. so it’s now Polytune > Wilson mini Freaker Wah > Cog Tarkin 66 > EHX Small Stone
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