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  1. It’s satin (first bass with) and loving the feel of it I might try and rub down my precision neck to the same. I thought I’d miss a tone control but backing the very high output p pickup off acts like one and adding in the j also helps. I tend to run my basses open anyway so hasn’t made an impact to me.
  2. Agreed! I picked up a SB-2 last week in sonic blue and haven’t been able to put it down. Does everything I want at a great price. I’m sorely tempted by an LB-100 but gonna have to wait a while if I do get one. pic of SB-2 just for self indulgence. (Really hard to capture the colour)
  3. It’s a mixture of both by sound of it. There is no right or wrong answer to this really but if your not getting the use out of it or feel you will in the future, then sell it. if you can pick something else that you think you might use then do that.
  4. Yes this is still available! Difficult to say about versatility. I’ve played it in a classic rock setting just using the amp and a precision and it worked well. But mostly I’ve used it flat and with a preamp pedal to get a similar sound to my ampeg svt.
  5. As Paul says When my old super compact was rattling when playing it turned out to be the metal on the handles that was casuing the noise. they flip up so you can access the screws they just needed squeezing together a bit, which stopped them rattling. it may not be this but you never know!
  6. Got through a new (to me) pedal today and I have managed to squeeze it on to my board. Cog Tarkin 66! It’s replaced a big muff clone. It’s absolutely mega. polytune 3 Tarkin 66 wilson freaker wah VTBass with a cioks dc5 power. All on a nano+ pedalboard
  7. I am now out of the group! I have said all along I was waiting for a cog grand tarkin to come up and one (tarkin and 66 combined) did yesterday, so it should be on its way to me over the next couple of days. im not disappointed about it as it’s been in the list for a while. I think this group has helped me stop the needless (gas?) purchases though and changed the outlook on the gear I already have. thanks for having me and good luck everyone!
  8. Up for sale is my Harley Benton PB50 that’s been modified quite a lot. I’m going to be quite firm on the price (I know these can be bought for a little less) it has: refinished in sonic blue added bridge and pickup covers dunlop straplock pins headstock reshaped to fender spec Franken precision decal seymour Duncan quarter pounder pickup CTS pots and cloth wire labella flats here is the build diary with sound clip in the thread I’ve decided to sell this as the band it was for I have now left and I don’t have a use for it. collection only please as I don’t have a big enough box to send.
  9. For sale is this little tc electronic bq500 500 watt amp head in a small size it weight 2.3kg and it fits inside he front pocket of my gig bag. I bought this as a backup for my svt and runnning it flat with a vt bass in front it got a very similar tone at a much much much lighter weight! Only reason I’m selling this is the svt hasn’t let me down yet and I’ve found something I want to buy and have to sell something first. this is one of the early ones and the active passive switch is the wrong way round but doesn’t affect the use of it. It hasn’t been used a lot but there are some scratches where it’s been in the front pocket of my gig bag. I’ve seen that these are £175 new so I think £110 is fair. I’ll also include free shipping! any questions just ask
  10. It all depends on how much you already know really. I started out using prefab pcb to get into actually building them. Then I started making veroboard ones, I found online of fuzz pedals and noticed they followed certain patterns. From this I started looking at common modifications done to pedals which taught me what certain components are used for in different circuits. I found electrosmash.com helped witv understanding the different stages in pedals.
  11. I had my ACS moulds taken on Friday so looking forward to getting them when there done. I got them through the musician hearing scheme as mentioned before so for a good price. I recommend everyone try to get them through it. It only takes a few minutes to apply and worst case scenario is they say no!
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