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  1. For my band (Stoner rock: Black Atlas) : Fingers Kallium Strings (Hybrid .124, .082, .061, 0.45) tuned to either D Standard or more frequently Drop C G&L SB2 or Franken Precision with G&L MFD pickup fitted Van Damme Leads Polytune 3 > Wilson Effects Mini Freaker Wah > Barefaced Machinist > Boss BF-2 Ampeg SVT-CL Barefaced Two 10
  2. Go for it... live - Fu Manchu is my favourite
  3. I’d start with the patient and the grudge. There the two I first learnt. If you can/like to use tabs tooltabs is a great resource.
  4. Big doom/stoner fan here! I was pretty upset that desertfest had to be cancelled again this year. My band Black Atlas first album was stoner, the second album were writing has a bit more doom on it. https://blackatlasuk.bandcamp.com
  5. In my old house I had a plug in WiFi extender. I found whenever I used my amp it was quite noisy unless I unplugged the extender plug. So if you have one of those see if it’s making noise.
  6. Yes Warren still for sale. Please pm me if interested!
  7. i have a G&L SB2 and absolutely love it. The sound is wonderful, pickups are very powerful but the p pickup rolled back and soloed gives a good traditional p bass sound. some people have issues with it not having a tone knob but it has never been an issue for me. I have seen that you can easily mod it to having one if that is your preference. the slightly different shape to the standard precision is nice and comfortable and the satin neck feels lovely to play. nice chunky bridge and easy to set up.
  8. I bought this pedal on here last march and its a great pedal. Its a custom build with one side Knightfall distortion and one side Tarkin Fuzz. The knightfall side has internal diodes to change the clipping. Works perfectly and sounds great. the pictures are from when it was sold to me as i haven't had a chance to take any in good light yet. I'm asking £180 with free postage. Now sold!
  9. My favourite album of the year was Refractions by Lowrider. Great stoner rock album.
  10. Just added new hipshot tuners and string retainer to this. I’ve got some black block stickers coming which I’m going to try on to see if there any good. Easily reversible! also thinking of getting a black nut for the jack as it sticks out a bit
  11. This is my bitsa. It’s my backup for my main bass in my band. I’m in the process of changing all the hardware to black. Unknown body bought for £20 about 5 years ago and refinished by me in surf green. It’s been bashed about a bit in those years. Neck is a mighty mite jazz tuners (on the way)will be black hipshot hb7 as there the only ones I could find to fit without redrilling holes. pickup is a G&L MFD as my other bass that I use in this band is a SB-2. pickguard is by Tim at gigink. Headstock decal says Franken precision this is tuned to drop C with Kallium strings
  12. These are Zombie Dust MM humbucker sized single coil pickups. Great pickups and perfect for converting a musicman to passive or anything else that fits a musicman sized pickup. These are Handwound in Bucks, England. These are wonderful sounding and if i had a bass that took them i would probably keep them. I had these two in my Ibanez atk300 and they sounded wonderful. Willing to sell as a pair for £40 or separate for £25 each. These were originally a distressed silver colour but were quickly rattle canned black to match the bass they were in. any questions just ask postage is free on these.
  13. I’ve taken this out of my bitsa bass. I bought this new about 5 years ago. It hasn’t been soldered as it was used with a Kiogon wireless loom. So the leads are the original length. I’ve measured it to 11.07K which is a little bit above the fender spec of 10.5k. There’s a few marks on the casing but only light scratches, I don’t have the original box. free postage on this. Sold
  14. I had a band practice last night and managed to put it through it’s paces a bit. I play in a stoner rock band and use it with quite a lot of gain. I was running it with a G&L SB-2 into an Ampeg SVT-CL. The high output of the MFD pickup wasn’t an issue for the pedal. The distortion I’ve got set up to where I want it and it is wonderful. Cuts through without impeding, I keep the clean blend on at all times. I still need to tweak the fuzz side a little bit but it’s in the ball park. I think I need to bump the middle a bit but it sounds very thick and muff like. The two together work well and really create a good mix. The only downside I have found is I am struggling to press individual buttons on the fly, mostly down to how close it is to the next pedal in my board. Some of it will be me getting used to the proximity of each switch but had a few times where I didn’t turn it on. The main struggle is the right switch as its close to my wah pedal. Damn these size 11 feet! I’m going to see if putting some switch toppers on it helps me with this but I may need to just be a bit more precise with my feet of give the pedal a bit more room.
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