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  1. Must say once nearly played "Dave" to Chas and those C&D songs are a lot more tricky to play than they first appear (their are a lot more than 3 chord trick) Some great bass lines there - At the gig we done some standard RnR stuff-maybe he did not think i was up to the job of playing C&D originals and I think it was the right call!
  2. You can get a db in a classic mini if you have reclining seats, in fact when my van broke down just before a gig I got the bassoon the front seat a 1x15 cab on the back seat a 400w valve amp in the boot and a4x10 cab on the roof rack and the other members of the band!-OK I made that last bit up
  3. I agree Jamerson is the main man Althrough he died young, pennieless and alone Where does that leave the rest of us?
  4. Hi, Are you dixon of dock green? Doh! Ive given my age away...
  5. In some ways maybe thats why Ric is a "niche" brand, with fender how many people started out with a cheap copy and then upgrade there fender and pine for a vintage "51 p bass whatever When you thing about it Its a great corprate model- you buy one.... then another one.....etc Really the thing to do is to buy the one you want straight away. but how many people started out on a £1000.00 bass? A Cheap copy can keep the home fires burning in that they are seen in the local music shop- you would have to be some g#bsh#t# to think that a £200 bass is going to be the same as the original. not that some copies are good instuments Ps I did laugh about the post "hofner violin copy" the hofner violin bass is a sort of copy of the original Gibson EB1 sorry- and I will try to get out more, maybe by playing bass if there was any money in it
  6. I always regret selling basses ( I sold my last bass in "95)
  7. For me Its the fact it can be all comsuming -you can spend hours praticeing, rehursing gigs etc, and somehow you allways feel you could do more Have not really been on the road for 6 years now but with fuel heading towards £150 per ltr I do see how life on the road can pay! Ability wise I feel I have been stuck in a rut for years -how do you move on from that? Even more time spent playing?
  8. According to Wikipedia "only a few double bass players can be professional" -well done
  9. Venues do get attacked from all side these days and once they have gone- they w ont be replaced. A story to lift the heart My local put up a sign advertising "Live music from 3am" A council official spotted this, put together a dedicated team to launch a covert sting operation. A few minutes after 3 o clock in the morning the pub was raided To find the landlord asleep and the punters long gone. If only they had turned up 4 hours before when they could have heard the closing number of the band called "3AM"
  10. Yeah you are right- talkin about you--Tip; do not type when you are tired. I HOPE you have the correct b line (thats the one I play anyway)
  11. Rumour has it saw her standing there b line taken from Chuck Berrys Thinkin "bout you. To play that and sing at the same time -no mean feat
  12. I have not tried them myself -I hear "weedwackers" are the sting of choice on the "rockin" scene and there quite cheap! perhaps thats why there the string of choice? weedwachers are nylon. With steel strings there are 2 types- solid core and rope core .solid core are cheap but will wreck your slapping hand. rope core are easier but can easily cost over £200 per set! solid ones break quite easy when slapping I would start on nylon ones to harden up your fingers I prefer the tone of steel strings myself But at the moment have nylon rotosound stings on my DB
  13. I have always found playing with the bow the hardest because the DB has to be away from your body to have room for the bow and pressure is applyed to the bow- at arms length, at least with jazz/rockabilly the bass is close to you. I did once play with a johnny cash tribute and lost all feeling in my left hand because every number was the same root/fifth pattern
  14. 5 string basses have been around for a while now-I have wondered why we do not have a 5string bass hero? Is there things you can play on a 5 string that you cant play on a 4?
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