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  1. For Sale As new ( Barely Used ) 8 Ohm 300 Watt ( 600 Peak ) 10 " Neodymium driver . Bought to replace what I thought was a blown driver ( turns out the cab itself had an issue ) Save a lot over new If you re looking for one that is …. Any Q s Let me know . Gary
  2. For Sale Warwick Streamer ( 1990 ) Spent a lot of time and money getting this into a condition I liked . Cleaned , serviced , parts replaced and updated sadly its just not right for me . No issues , plays beautifully with a very slim neck profile ( Truss working , No shearing to Allen , Frets in good shape , some small marks and wear commensurate with age etc . ) As ever I will have missed something so let me know . Specification :- 34" Scale Weighing at 3.6 KGs on the scales give or take a few . 38.5 MM JAN 1 ( no issues or problems ) MEC Pickups and Preamp ( 9v ) 2 Band EQ ( new J pickup ) ( Newer style Electronics cover ) Maple Wenge Neck through ( cleaned and refinished using warwick surface refinisher ) Warwick Hardware , ( new bridge ) , new tuner pegs ( wenge ) new ( non standard knobs ) All original hardware ( not including Pickup ) will be supplied ( no issues with original other than tarnish ageing ) Currently strung with Fresh Optima Gold 45 -105 ( Very Bright , very lively ) Supplied with ( well used ) warwick gig bag and shipped in a Rainbow Cases Unfoamed Semi Flightcase . Ill include a standard 48Hr UK Delivery . South Wales . Any Qs let me know . Gary
  3. For Sale ( On Temporary Hold AS OF 13/10/2018 ) ( After several buyer no shows etc through a popular internet auction site ) In a very fetching shade of blue and in lovely condition indeed , no issues other then one tiny mark to the body ( pics taken during summer but can supply further on request subject to ) Supplied with KK Softcase and K&N Stand Strung with Good Helicores and set currently to a low action ( accommodating my strange playing technique ) Collection advised as courier proving very difficult to arrange South Wales , and always happy to answer any questions and to arrange viewings etc . Gary
  4. Another Top deal with Tom ( gotta love a clearance 😁 ) Always a pleasure and a really smooth easy BC transaction ( keeps you informed and updated all the way ) Many Thanks Tom ! Deal with in total confidence a credit to BC . Cheers Gary
  5. Brand snobbery and much competition I reckon . Used and owned a few Laney rigs over the years , never had a bad sound . A bass player local to me uses a Laney rig ( DPseries ) and sounds enormous Like the look of the newer Nexus , just think its so competive at the pricing and maybe they lack an endorsee or 2 . Must remember where I left / put / stored / my RB9 too …hmmm Gary
  6. About time it had Bump Maz Thanks 😁 Still with me yes and always room for negotiation . South Wales based however currently off to enjoy some rain and thunderstorms in Italy for a week or so Drop me a message and ill get back as soon as I can Gary v8
  7. v8bass


    Fabulous bass Fabulous Luthier and a very good price too ! Scale Length ? String Spacing ? Weight ? Low Output Pickups = Low Impedance ( active circuitry ) ? Gary v8
  8. No experience of these but as an experiment maybe ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DOUBLE-BASS-UPRIGHT-BASS-FULL-SET-OF-NEW-STRINGS-UK-SELLER-FAST-DESPATCH/321826657830?_trkparms=aid%3D555019%26algo%3DPL.BANDIT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20151005190540%26meid%3D59862b9b39884f67a6c75fdb4bd8b961%26pid%3D100505%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26&_trksid=p2045573.c100505.m3226 Its really a minefield finding something that " Fits " ...couple that with "Good " technique too ...rules me out .. Re Your Orch strings .. I reckon theres a few that would welcome that " Dull thump not much sustain " Much luck on the quest Gary ( finishing the festive sherry a week early )
  9. Gotta love a tumbleweed pic ( like the windmills of my mind ) Almost certainly a string issue here FB ......( possibly with a bridge /piezo issue ) For me , Strings are almost the most critical part .. and a constant search / struggle /fun /PITA / expense... ( not sure orch strings are the ideal choice for EUB ) With my rather poor technique I also " compress " to a greater or lesser extent depending ..( assuming you have a note to compress ) The EQ ing of the eub or amp wont / shouldn't have much effect at all on any deadening or " killing " of a note Other things are " action " and ensuring the strings are " seated " and silks /windings not " lodged" or stuck ..either bridge or nut ends .. Strings first and a good set up will make everything betterer . Oh .. make sure youre not wearing the Marigolds when youre playing too ! Someone much more savvy will be in soon I'm sure Cheers Gary ( EUB Hamfist )
  10. South Wales UK A Small Bumph ..and a small price drop too £745 Posted Mainland UK May consider trade options : Class D Amp , small light . Neo 15 " Cab , Lightweight . 5 String . Semi . Cheers , Gary
  11. Cute ! Bet it sounds Larger than it is too Gary
  12. Having owned and played a " Few " ACGs over the years I can only say " Hugely Deserved " and congratulations . Serious GAS for this when I pop over to Alans website for a drool ... Best Basses in the World ......( Probably ) .. Gary
  13. Saw Duncs " wanted ad " and the stars aligned ...right place right time ...deal done .. Great comms and a credit to the BC Community .. Deal with confidence Cheers Gary
  14. " My " Ex BQUAD ... Oh for a better preamp ..... Gary
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