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  1. Fender black tolex hardcase - £75 A few dents/marks but over all in good condition, only used for storage and not for gigging. Based in Cardiff or happy to post. [url="http://s1368.photobucket.com/user/michaelgrindle91/media/IMG_3168_zpsrfsdgcpg.jpg.html"][/url]
  2. badgerific

    Feedback for steve

    Another +1 for Steve! Did a part ex with him last night and was a lovely guy to deal with through the entire process
  3. badgerific


    PM'd, let me know what you think
  4. badgerific


    You interested in any trades for the merkin?
  5. badgerific

    feedback for spaz91

    Bought a bridge off Jon for a friend and was awesome to deal with
  6. Hey there, a friend of mine is raising money for his short film via kickstarter. I'm going to be helping him recording the foley for the film so I'm giving him a hand raising money. The kickstarter can be found here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jamescbarr/star-man-2013-short-film-0?ref=live The rewards range from £1 to get your name in the credits, up to £100 for a big pack of stuff. For £25 you can get a sweet tie dye shirt made by the crew and for £50 there is a mini synthesiser that may interest some people here. It has a volume pot and an LDR to control the pitch of the oscillator. There's a video demo on the kickstarter page so check that out if it interests you. We really appreciate all the help we've been given so far and it'd be awesome if some of you could help us get over our target. Thanks! Mike
  7. badgerific

    Feedback for Porkpie.

    Another +1 for Neil, bought a one knob fuzz from me and was a lovely guy to deal with
  8. badgerific

    Big pedal sale - Check first post. Updated 22/4/13

    Bump - I should mention since I've been asked a few times lately that I can still build one knob fuzzes like the ones on the first page of this thread but they'll have to be £50 because I'm not sharing the postage cost of the parts over 10 pedals this time. So feel free to PM me if you're interested in that.
  9. badgerific

    Big pedal sale - Check first post. Updated 22/4/13

    Nope, the only things I've got are in the first post. I could build a different (and much better) tap tempo trem if you'd like. Drop me a PM if you're interested
  10. badgerific

    Big pedal sale - Check first post. Updated 22/4/13

    Awesome, I'm glad it's still being enjoyed. It's one of my favourite fuzzes as well and it's got less than 10 components
  11. badgerific

    Big pedal sale - Check first post. Updated 22/4/13

    [quote name='ratman' timestamp='1348781861' post='1818282'] do you have any 1 knob fuzz's still knocking around? i'm up for one. [/quote] PM'd
  12. badgerific

    Epiphone Valve Junior

    Bump. Will consider trades or offers
  13. badgerific

    Epiphone Valve Junior

    [font="arial, sans-serif"][color="#333333"]I'm living in Swansea at the moment, I can come as far as Cardiff to meet for free but if you wanted me to come any further I'd ask have to ask you to cover my train fair. [/color][/font]