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  1. I would say that Thomann is the way to go. I bought one several years ago for around 500 quid and I loved it. You will need to change the strings as they aren't very good but I cant fault the bass itself. I should add that mine was played pizz and slap style. The only reason I sold it was a lack of space, but I still regret it..I just cant get on with a bass guitar. I need to find some space somewhere again lol
  2. Glad to heaΕ• it 😁
  3. Heres a link to the one I had. I can't believe the prices...they haven't changed a bit. https://www.thomann.de/gb/thomann_kontrabass_rockabilly_01.htm
  4. I had one. Cost about 500 quid new from them about 6 or 7 years ago ish. I loved it..although as it was my first DB I had nothing to compare it to. Sounded great to me. You will need to change the strings as the ones it comes with are awful. I had to sell mine a few years back...i still miss her πŸ˜” I should add that I used mine for rockabilly/ roots music so lots of piz n slapping..non of that silly bowing lark 😁
  5. As I mentioned I don't want to spend too much before I know how I will get on with the EUB. So baring that in mind if it was a straight choice between a Stagg and a Harley Benton which would you choose and why ?
  6. Prosebass....if I could I would definitely go with a double bass. I loved my DB and sold it reluctantly. An EUB is a compromise for me. Spookily I've just been given a rather nice bonus at work which I wanted to earmark for the bass. Unfortunately SWMBO has other ideas...apparently it has to go towards my daughter's wedding. Watch this space
  7. Thanks for the replies so far..definitely food for thought. I think I'm in Edinburgh when the bash is on..i will have to check. If I'm not then Biscester isnt too bad for me to get to. I'm in Bedfordshire by the way. I must admit I didnt even consider a second hand one, but it makes sense. I bought my upright new without ever having played one, but im older and a tiny bit wiser now so I'm going to try to try out at least a few before I commit to buying one.
  8. Hi all As you may..or more probably..may not remember, I sold my upright bass a couple of years ago. I got a very nice accoustic bass guitar in the deal, but it just isn't the same. One of the reasons I sold the upright was the trouble I had lugging it around what with my lower back and hip problems. So I've been thinking that an EUB might make me happy. I assume that EUBs are much lighter and easier to carry than uprights ? Is the sound close to an upright..or does it just sound like an upright bass guitar ? Can they be slapped ? I'm not looking to spend a fortune to start with...so I will probably go for either a Stagg or a Harley Benton. Any thoughts on these would be appreciated. Cheers in advance.
  9. For me....the greatest rock band ever. R.I.P Malcolm
  10. Hahahaha...I'm a numpty...got my pounds and euros confused.... 33 quid including P&P isn't bad. Especially as the only other ones I've found are 100 quid or more. Think I'm gonna go for it. Cheers
  11. Nice....but 40 quid with P&p is a bit steep....but thanks anyway.
  12. Wasn't sure where to put this...so if it's in the wrong place please feel free to move it mods .. cheers. Just got hold of an acoustic bass guitar..and I've been all over the Internet trying to find a bag for it. No luck so far. So I was wondering if anyone had experience of this and knew somewhere to get one. The guitar is 125cm long ( hey look at me doing modern measurements lol ) and I just can't find a bag that is long enough. As ever... cheers in advance you lovely people
  13. [quote name='6feet7' timestamp='1473199568' post='3128007'] Now thats a beauty. I had a black one a few years ago. Couldn't play it very well (playing it badly at a gig at the 100 Club in London got me the sack) but it looked so cool. Do remember I'm on the 'I want it' list [/quote] There seems to be a bit of a list..but you're definitely on it. Although I'm 99.9% certain that it's sold.
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