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  1. Sounds great! Now do it up to tempo! LOL Just kidding, nice job
  2. I found a little clear sticker inside my bass documents, supposedly for placing around the MM pickup to protect the wood from thumb wear. has anyone actually applied this to their Sandberg ?
  3. Looks good with the pickguard removed
  4. After chasing tone after tone I settled on a Boss BB-1X bass driver. im generally happy. Sounds and tastes vary, but all things considered, it’s a pretty impressive pedal
  5. I’m very fortunate to have maintained a reasonably robust gigging schedule during the year of the virus. I live in a part of the US that has remained more open than many other places. ive managed over 100 gigs over the past year, even with two months completely locked down. they were not high profile. Touring is still pretty much shut down, but I managed to take many small nightclub and restaurant gigs which kept a roof over my head.
  6. After recently taking delivery of my new TM-4SL and playing a few gigs... it’s a revelation! amazing instrument
  7. I intend to keep mine for a good long time!
  8. I currently only have my Hybrid Music man, but I’m a long time status graphite enthusiast. here is my current USA sterling along with some of my previously owned Statii.
  9. The matching headstock sets it off
  10. Not Status, although they are the best in the world. homemade . Neck by Gerry Dorch at graphite guitar systems body carved from a tracing of a Modulus body
  11. https://www.reverendguitars.com/basses/triad
  12. Slow steady songs like “every breath you take” by the police
  13. It’s a Hipshot kickass bridge. A very well machined item. Much nicer than the Badass 2
  14. The string spacing is fixed at 19mm. Andre (the designer of the bridge) told me that he could make me a new base plate if I was dissatisfied with the spacing. i think I will keep it as is. It’s very comfortable to me
  15. Andre! So good to see you here!
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