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  1. After months of mucking about on guitar because it was more interesting, I picked up one of my basses this evening and played.  It was so much more satisfying.  I'll always be a bass player.

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    2. AinsleyWalker


      I started on guitar as a teenager and moved over to focusing mostly on bass after about a year or so, now I almost never play guitar. When I go back to guitar my instincts are so off 

    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      I have a guitar myself..... and I rarely play it at all, mostly due to lack of time
      It's always handy to play a bit of guitar, and useful for bass players to know a few chords at least

      My own impression of a guitarist is also pretty bad lol ;) 

    4. Nibody


      After a visit to an old friends house and playing with his rather nice collection (Fenders, Gretsch's, Jacksons and a Brian May Red Special) I ended up tempted and got an Epiphone Les Paul Trad Pro 2 and a Gothic Epiphone SG. Its fun to bang out a few AC/DC chords. Doubt it will go to performance stage though - started on bass, and an old dog only learns so many new tricks.

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