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  1. Here is another solo clip with my fretless
  2. No - just bass However the technigue kinda reminds me of the classical guitar
  3. Hey guys! I did a little solo piece on my Fodera 5 a while ago! Hope you like it 🙏
  4. PM sent. Do you know which color is was before repainted?
  5. If the auralex is not sold! I will take it, if you will ship it to Denmark ?
  6. If you will ship the cab to Denmark and the shipping price is okay I will take it
  7. If you should consider shipping the cab to Denmark - Please let me know
  8. Great bass! Do you by any chance have soundclips?
  9. [quote name='andybassdoyle' timestamp='1495309918' post='3302932'] Lovely. I'm guessing Stoke... [/quote] I guess you are right! However I'm not from UK so I don't know all the cities But I will be in London this week
  10. Super slim neck as in a J neck? Where are you in UK ?
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