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  1. bode

    Second tuner pedal

    Guitarists tune to me 😉 I've ruled out a strobe tuner. I would be spending far too much time trying to get it perfect. What would Jimi do on stage? https://youtu.be/H_1Vkkiv4AE?t=80
  2. So what you are all saying, is that it's pointless flirting and lusting over other women because you are always going to marry and settle down with a P bass. 👍
  3. It's about the joy of ownership. Owning a Hasselblad didn't make me a better photographer.
  4. A 1970s Gibson Thunderbird I found in Denmark Street. When the guy came back and asked me what I thought about it. I was very disheartened and told him that it felt (and smelt) like a piece of old furniture. Gutted!
  5. AKG 371. Popular in the headphone community as a pleasing studio headphone.
  6. I may have mentioned the war once, but I think I got away with it.
  7. Yes because we don't need a quarter of a million Romanian street musicians. See my earlier point. The country agreed and a Brexit debate is super boring.
  8. bode

    Second tuner pedal

    I think I want add a tuner to my pedal board just to glance down for a quick confirmation. I still like my Boss TU 12 which I use before plugging in etc, but is another tuner going to give different results? Will I notice? I'm looking at a TU3 or maybe a polytune 3.
  9. When the fuse blows, it disconnects the current and prevents overheating and an electrical fire...from memory.
  10. It's a trade off. Belfast has dozens of 'professional' Romanian street musicians who abused entry requirements, claiming benefits on both side of the border. How can any country know what your intentions are when you arrive? The reason it's so difficult for you all is because the EU market is a protection racket, they don't want foreigners earning money in their closed market.
  11. I know a guy who owns a record label, he says this whole visas for musicians saga is massively overblown. He can't understand why the radio keeps making it a news feature..for political gain obviously. American musicians never played in Europe due to them not being in the EU. 🙄 Anyway, he knows a girl who issues them, it takes the click of a button to sort it out. A nice earner for her though!
  12. Absolutely love this bass line.
  13. The feel of a song will get you sued. Although I reckon the woke mob wanted this one taken off the airwaves.
  14. Cheers, my hunch was that a 3A would do it. I should have a dozen of these leads lying about in work...but none for tonight's little Friday night beer and bass 'me time'.
  15. The original 'kettle' lead for my little Boxer 15 amp has gone missing after the other half decided that she didn't want all my music stuff cluttering up the living room. 😁 What fuse should I be using in the plug, 3A or 13A? Thanks!
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