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  1. Bass under offer and deposit en route. Will re-open if there's a hiccup but no more offers please at present.. Thanks for all the interest and information everyone ! fretless
  2. Pierre Still under negotiation elsewhere ...... I will keep you informed fretless
  3. Pierre The bass is under serious offer from a UK buyer - I will update tomorrow. fretless
  4. After a great deal of thought, this bass is not for me and the owner has asked me to post it for sale on Basschat. More photos and sale details on "for sale" section. Thanks for all replies and information. fretless
  5. Please see the thread under " WAL - INFORMATION" as this has more pictures and details. In brief I was passed this WAL by the owner with the possibility of purchase. Serial No PB 1287 After lots of consideration I don't think I can make enough use of it to justify cost and I am not a collector. I mainly play double bass at present and have a good arsenal of fretted and fretless electrics if they are required. The owner acquired the bass second hand in Sept 1999 from Mansons - he has the invoice. He had rarely played it and it has spent most the the time as a wall hanging ..... this accounts for it's exceptionally good condition given age. Appears to date back to autumn 1979 and is active. Only cosmetic fault that I can find is a small depression in the laquer on the back - most probably a belt buckle pressure point. Visually almost impossible to see - check out photo please. I have not taken the front plate off and the electrics all seem to work through my amp. There is "crackle" present when turning the master volume pots but not present when playing. I suspect the electrics would benefit from a check over and service at WAL given instruments age. I have cleaned the fretboard, neck and wood finishes with Mansons lemon oil. There are some minimal string marks on fretboard. - Appears to be strung with quality fine flatwounds. Intonation is good all the way up the neck. Original case, a strap and dunlop strap locks. No trades or silly offers. Will consider sensible offers. Buyer to collect or arrange shipping. Most welcome to check over and try the bass - e mail me to arrange.
  6. Battery present so it's an active version bass .........
  7. Thanks Trevor Very helpful, will look at electrics asap to confirm passive/active, etc.
  8. Elderly bass player has passed me a WAL 4 string, lined fretless to check out - pictures attached. He purchased Bass "second hand" in 1999 from Manson’s in Exeter - invoice to hand, WAL case. No on heel plate is PB 1287 Body looks to be solid ash Seems to date back to 1978/79 (?) - which will make it a very early model ? Confirm ? Condition of body/neck is excellent - Intonation seems spot on and set up is good, plays all the way up the neck without problems. Lots of pots and switches - would be helpful to know what each is supposed to do so that I can assess if they are all functioning OK ? ie 3 way toggle switch on lower horn, five rotary pots and three mini switches below the pickup surrounds ? Advice please ?
  9. Rabbie A year in - are you still well pleased with pre-amp and how has it performed with more gigging time ? fretless
  10. Suggest visit to decent luthier and get an examination and opinion - if something is seriously wrong it could prove very expensive to fix if the problem gets worse. Fretless
  11. Had this issue for many years playing in a wind band and echo advice already given - definitely check pack to see if a string bass part exists - they often do. Found to only way to play Tuba parts successfully was to photocopy music, erase all bits beneath string bass low E and write them in again so they are readable for "us" - bearing in mind everything still needs to be musical, complete drag but saved lots of mental gymnastics in the middle of a performance - even more of a drag if it will be a one off !!! Note for next time .............. only agree to dep (for free !!) you are given string bass parts.
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