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  1. Note: the WD Music pickguard and Fender thumbrest have now been removed from the sale to lower the price.
  2. SOLD Orchid Classic DI in as new condition Great sounding DI that gets high ratings and compared to the sound of Radial DIs. See the review below for more info. More info including specification available from the Orchid site: Orchid Electronics Sound on Sound review: Review Price includes postage in the UK
  3. Hi Peter, Sorry, I have just seen your message. These sound different to the GZR ones. They are more modern sounding with a tighter, punchier sound (the opposite of vintage). Cheers Marra 😀
  4. Final Price Drop - Now £1350 This bass comes with its original case. Pickup preferred rather than posting.
  5. If you want the vintage sound these are the way to go. Grab a bargain while you can!
  6. Paul bought some in ear monitors from me and was a pleasure to do business with. Excellent comms and a super fast payment. You can trade with confidence with Paul. Many Thanks!
  7. Feel free to get in touch to try the bass out. We're based in Chorley, Lancashire.
  8. If you have a passive PJ pickup set with a humming J pickup this could be the set to use. This set is also passive!
  9. SOLD - Please Remove Clear Shure SE215 head set that has only been used a couple of times. All the original parts are included and they are fully working. Specification: https://www.shure.co.uk/products/earphones/se215 Set includes small, medium & large ear piece inserts in foam and rubber plus a cleaning tool. Price includes postage in the UK.
  10. Here is a link to my feedback page: Feedback on BassChat
  11. SOLD A set of passive EMG PJ pickups in immaculate condition. These pickups are fully shielded for minimal noise and they fit all Fender-style instruments. Sound-wise these produce a tighter, punchier sound than the passive GZR pickups. The set includes two volume pots (250K each) and a tone pot. This particular set is rare as they are fitted with Alinico V magnets (by default they come with Ceramics). No soldering is required - everything needed is included. Price includes postage in the UK.
  12. SOLD - Please Remove Fender Vintage Bridge with knurled saddles in as new / excellent condition. Each bridge has been briefly fitted to a bass. Specialist small screwdriver included that works perfectly with the bridge saddles. Currently two bridges are available at £45 each - Now £35 each Price includes postage in the UK.
  13. You should get a prompt to download each file. If it doesn't play automatically you can go to your downloads folder and open the files from there. Hope that helps.
  14. Two audio recordings have now been attached at the bottom of the original post. Hopefully this will give you a better idea of how this bass sounds compared to a modern precision bass. The 'Modern' one is a 2016 Standard Fender Precision with an alder body and rosewood fingerboard. The 'Vintage' one is the bass in this post. Both basses have the same nickel strings fitted and were recorded via DI with the same settings for consistency. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  15. Thanks - it's as low as I'm prepared to go. If it doesn't find a new owner I will hang onto it. Cheers
  16. The price of the bass has been lowered again. If anyone wants to try the bass out just let me know.
  17. Thanks very much. Good point, it could be classed as being similar to Candy Apple blue. My guess is 'a darker take on Lake Placid Blue' 😄 Has anyone else got any suggestions what finish it could be similar to?
  18. A corner on the bottom of the case has been now repaired with some solid black filler for better protection. Previously the gap was only covered with some gaffer tape. See pics above.
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