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  1. Howdy. Had these sitting on a shelf for ages. There are at least 2 and a half sets (possibly 3) of these here - some opened, others not. Any that have been strung have only been used for a couple of hours and then taken off. I remember a bit of confusion around one of the sets, because it looked like the wrong strings had been packed in the factory and I bought another set. I'm too lazy to sort through them so it's a job lot - hence the price. Tried to organise them at one point, but got hopelessly confused and decided to watch paint drying instead as some light relief. Sold as seen sorta thing. Will go to towards buying some 6 string stuff as I have turned back to the dark side...(I know, I know). Cheers. [b]SOLD[/b]
  2. Some not so good experiences with UPS (via Parcel2Go) this week: The bass was bubble wrapped and put in a decent (new) ABS case, then the whole case was bubble wrapped and then boxed in cardboard with plenty of packing tape. The carriage cost about £60, which included £700 cover. Long story short - a corner of the ABS case has been fractured, and the case lid has been warped slightly. So not only has the box been dropped (or thrown) on it's end, but there's also been other heavy packages been piled on top of it at some point. Fortunately the bass itself was undamaged, but I've opened a claim. Not chuffed.
  3. Great guy to deal with - trustworthy member.
  4. [quote name='Scott S' timestamp='1427288391' post='2728286'] Ah, mate, believe me, I've got tonnes of love for it! I'm in the same boat with my Sandberg Panther fretless 5-er; lots of kudos but no hard cash Have a free bump, buddy! [/quote] Thanks mate - tough time of year for cash I suppose. GLWYS on the Sandberg.
  5. Another bump - Can't understand why there's no Jabba love around - this bass is virtually brand new and knocks MIA Jazz's for six.
  6. Bump and another price drop - [b][size=5]£700[/size][/b]
  7. Price drop and bump: £750. Blimey, what a good time to be buying a bass - not selling one
  8. I'll include this brand new Thomann ABS case in the price as well as the Mayones padded gig bag. (Sorry for the crap pic).
  9. Price drop to £820 and some more images:
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