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  1. Stew bought some strings from me and was excellent, as ever. Highly recommended buyer! Many Thanks ☺️
  2. Al bought a bridge from me and was a pleasure to deal with. Super fast payment and great comms to boot! Deal with confidence! Many Thanks Nick
  3. Paul bought some strings from me and was a pleasure to deal with. Top comms and super fast payment. Thanks very much, Nick
  4. I bought some strings from Paddy and he went out of his way to get them posted to me. Due to his illness I wasn't expecting them for some time but he still got them to me quickly - that's dedication!! I can highly recommend Paddy as a reliable top seller with great comms. He is a top bloke too! Thanks Paddy 😊
  5. Hi - the G string is 114cm long. I have checked it against my P bass and it looks like it would wrap around the post a couple of times. You can also order these strings individually from Barry at the BassCentre if you get in touch with him.
  6. Babicz FCH Chrome Bridge in mint condition - £75 SOLD Elites Detroit Stainless Steel Flatwound Strings (45-105) - £18 SOLD Elites Stainless Steel Groundwound Strings (45-105) - £15 SOLD Both sets of strings have been briefly fitted to a Musicman for a couple of hours of testing. Both sets are still fresh. Cut for 3+1 setup. The G string is 114cm long, so it has enough length to wrap around a four in-line post a couple of times. These strings can be bought individually from Barry at the BassCentre. UK postage included with the prices.
  7. Withdrawn - please remove Two as new single Elites Detroit Flatwound strings Gauges: (45 + 65) briefly fitted to bass. Cut for a Stringray bass (3+1) Includes postage in the UK
  8. Stew bought a bass from me and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He regularly updated me on the underground railway pickup situation and paid mega promptly. I can highly recommend him as a reliable BC buyer. Thanks Stew ☺️
  9. Likewise - they are my go to flatwound strings. I think they sound and play brilliantly. Plus they are a bargain direct from the Bass Centre.
  10. I'm chuffed you like it Stew, it looks great with your rig. Feedback is on its way for you Sir ☺️
  11. Thanks Marky - I agree, for the quality of them and the price point I think they are a bargain.
  12. SOLD Bass Collection Precision Power Bass - China White In mint condition with no dings or scratches. The bass comes with new recently fitted Elites Detroit flatwound strings plus a Wilkinson vintage style upgrade bridge. The stock EMG style pickups are punchy and noise free. The bass has plenty of sustain and a quality finish throughout. The frets are nicely finished with no sharp edges and are nicely leveled. This bass comes with a fast neck that is narrower than on a standard precision bass plus the bass is light. The truss rod moves freely both ways and the allen keys are included. The only mark is a small impression in front of the bridge plate from the stock bridge where the earth wire was pressed against the body (see pic). The stock Elites Nickel Player Roundwound strings are also included and are still fresh sounding (they were taken off when the bass was bought). The stock dome knobs are also included (the bass comes with upgraded solid knurled knobs fitted). For more information and reviews view the Bass Centre website: Bass Centre No trades + pickup only please.
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