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  1. Pete bought a hard case from me and was a pleasure to deal with. Swift payment and great comms make Pete a top buyer! Thanks Pete 🙂
  2. SOLD Picato Nickel Strings (x 2 sets) Hex core (higher tension) 45-105 smooth finish roundwound strings, similar to GHS roundwounds. Great value strings. Used by Bob Daisley, Pete Way & Roger Glover. Brand New (unopened) - £30 for the Pair SOLD Samon S-Max Series MDA1 Active DI - in excellent condition and in full working order. £25 SOLD Prices include postage in the UK
  3. SOLD Epiphone ETBCS Thunderbird Case In excellent condition with very little wear. In immaculate condition inside. Comes complete with key. Price includes postage in the UK
  4. Bundle of NL2FX Speakon Leads - £20 - SOLD Pair of Northwest Guitar Schaller Style Guitar Straplocks Locking Strap Buttons - £5 - SOLD Harley Benton Guitar Strap Suede Black - £15 Now £12 - SOLD Material: Soft, high-quality suede Width: 7 cm Adjustable up to 150 cm Side seam around entire strap Strap adjuster Reinforced seams around the belt holes Colour: Black Made in Europe All items in excellent condition. Price includes postage in the UK.
  5. Ewan bought some tuners from me and was, as always an absolute pleasure to deal with. Thanks very much 🙂
  6. Aidan bought some strings from me and was a pleasure to deal with. Top comms and super fast payment. Many Thanks
  7. SOLD Hipshot KB6Y 3/8 Ultralite tuner set in excellent condition Designed for a bass with a headstock post hole size of 14mm and in-line right handed Prices includes postage in the UK.
  8. Hipshot KB6Y Ultralite Tuners removed from the bass to be sold separately. Price reduced to £375
  9. Ewan bought a shim from me and the transaction was effortless. Top comms and a top person to deal with! Thanks very much
  10. Mike bought a pedal from me and was a pleasure to deal with. Top comms and a super fast payment. Many thanks
  11. Withdrawn - Epiphone Thunderbird Classic IV - Now £300 In excellent condition with some additions and optional accessories. Over £550 worth new! The bass has very light wear form low usage with no dings. The powerful USA Ceramic pickups make the bass cut through the mix. The neck is fast and easy to play. It’s really narrow at the nut. It feels slimmer than a jazz bass neck. The truss can be moved freely both ways. This Thunderbird balances better than other versions that I have tried. Additions and Optional Accessories: The stock tuners have been upgraded with Hipshot HB-6 tuners. The stock tuners are included in the Hipshot packaging (see pics). A well-padded premium Epiphone hard case is also included that is also in excellent condition. An extra-long suede strap is also included that works perfectly with this bass along with some black strap locks. The new strap lock buttons have been placed where some endorsers have them fitted for the option of making the bass sit in different ways (see pics). The original stock strap buttons have been left in place for different traditional and modern setup options. An adjustable Proel stand is also included that matches the bass and works with the shape of the body. Note, the bass won't sit properly on some stands. All the original documentation and tags are included plus the keys for the case are also included. The stock strings are included along with some brand new fitted Picato steel round wound strings. Sale and pickup only please. Any questions about the bass are welcome. Plus, I’m more than happy to arrange times for folks to try the bass out.
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