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  1. Thanks Marky - I agree, for the quality of them and the price point I think they are a bargain.
  2. SOLD Bass Collection Precision Power Bass - China White In mint condition with no dings or scratches. The bass comes with new recently fitted Elites Detroit flatwound strings plus a Wilkinson vintage style upgrade bridge. The stock EMG style pickups are punchy and noise free. The bass has plenty of sustain and a quality finish throughout. The frets are nicely finished with no sharp edges and are nicely leveled. This bass comes with a fast neck that is narrower than on a standard precision bass plus the bass is light. The truss rod moves freely both ways and the allen keys are included. The only mark is a small impression in front of the bridge plate from the stock bridge where the earth wire was pressed against the body (see pic). The stock Elites Nickel Player Roundwound strings are also included and are still fresh sounding (they were taken off when the bass was bought). The stock dome knobs are also included (the bass comes with upgraded solid knurled knobs fitted). For more information and reviews view the Bass Centre website: Bass Centre No trades + pickup only please.
  3. SOLD - Please remove In excellent condition with extra accessories - over £435 worth new! The bass has very light wear form low usage with no dings. The powerful USA Ceramic pickups help the bass cut through the mix. The neck is fast and easy to play. It’s really narrow at the nut. It feels slimmer than a jazz bass neck. The truss can be moved freely both ways. This Thunderbird balances better than other versions that I have tried. Additional strap holes are also in place for a modern setup as used by some endorsers depending on preference. This one measures as 9 lbs on the scales. A well-padded Thomann case is also included that is also in excellent condition with low usage. A Gibson polishing cloth and polish are also included. All the original documentation and tags are included along with the stock strings. No trades + pickup only please.
  4. More information added about what makes these strings different to other roundwounds.
  5. SOLD - PLEASE REMOVE Items removed from packaging but in as new condition. Solid steel flat top control knobs with a nickel finish designed to fit 6mm CTS or Alpha pots - £5 SOLD X5 Gibson Wedge Plectrums (Medium) - £3 SOLD Prices include postage in the UK.
  6. I'm having a clearout of my roundwound strings due to my transition to flatwound strings. These roundwounds have a smooth finish and produce less fret and finger noise. They also cause less fret wear. I can't rate these strings highly enough and would go back to them in a heart beat if I went back to roundwounds. They are well worth trying! 3 New Picato Nickel Roundwound Stings 45, 65, 85 (735LS) - £9 Now £6.50 Later addition: Picato 45-105 Steel Roundwound Strings - still fresh with little use (cut 4 in-line) - £8.50 - SOLD New set of Picato 45-105 Steel Roundwound Strings - £12.50 - SOLD Lightly used set of Picato 45-105 Nickel Roundwound Strings (735LS) - £8.50 SOLD All the strings have hex cores and have a smooth finish. As used by Bob Daisley, Pete Way and Roger Glover. Prices include postage in the UK
  7. Aidan bought some bits from me and was an absolute star. Top comms and a true gentleman. Thanks very much Aidan ☺️
  8. nickcarey


    Lawrence bought a lead from me and was a pleasure to deal with. Top comms and a top bloke! Thanks
  9. Only 5 parts left now! As per the post I will discount parts bought together - cheers 🙂
  10. ALL SOLD - Please Remove Lightly used or new hardware and spare parts. Parts priced individually including postage in the UK. Scratchplate screws – Black x 14 £2.00 SOLD Machine Head Tuner Fixing Screws – Chrome x12 £1.50 SOLD Speakon Female Socket £2.50 SOLD 3-Way Toggle Switch £2.00 SOLD Chrome Dome Shape Knobs (for 6mm pots) £2.00 SOLD Precision Screwdriver for Vintage Bridge Saddles £1.00 SOLD Case Latches & Fasteners x 4 £2.75 SOLD Chrome Slotted String Tree £2.00 SOLD Machine Head Tuner Fixing Screws – Chrome x12 £1.50 SOLD Machine Head Tuner Fixing Screws – Nickel x12 £1.50 SOLD Scratchplate screws – Chrome x 24 £2.50 SOLD Scratchplate screws – Nickel x 18 £2.25 SOLD Heavty Duty Jack to Jack Speaker Lead – 2M £4.00 SOLD Acoustic Guitar String Retainers £2.50 SOLD Black Vintage Style Strap Buttons with two sets of screws £2.00 - SOLD Prices include postage in the UK.
  11. SOLD Picato Nickel 735LS Roundwound Bass Strings x 2 New Sets. Hex core with a higher tension than most roundwound strings plus and a very smooth finish. As used by Bob Daisley, Pete Way & Roger Glover. Price includes postage in the UK.
  12. Don bought some patch leads from me and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Top comms and uber fast payment. Sell with confidence - thanks Don 🙂
  13. Quik Lock QL-631 A-Frame Stands x 2 - £25 (for both) - SOLD Eminence Gold Plated Right Angle Patch Leads (20cm Length) x 4 - £10 (for all) - SOLD Prices include postage in the UK
  14. Withdrawn Laney Richter RB-1 Kickback Combo In excellent condition and fully working including a new power lead. Price includes postage in the UK. Features: Dimensions (H x W x D)347 x 357 x 253 mm Weight: 9.5 kg Power: 15 Watts RMS Equalisation: Bass, Mid and Treble Drivers: 1 x 8-inch Custom Driver Cabinet Design: Dual Postion Kickback Headphone Socket: Yes Compressor: Yes Limiter: Yes: Internal CD Input: Yes (Mini-Jack)
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