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  1. David, Whereabouts are you? Cheers, John
  2. Pm sent, would like to buy if still available.
  3. Trade for Warwick Streamer $$ 4 String? Little bit of cash your way.
  4. Trade for a Streamer $$ 4 ? Or are you a strictly 5-er non Warwick person... Cheers, John
  5. These are great little amps, I have two, one in my rehearsal space in London and one in my home in Taunton Somerset. There is no better practice amp IMO. David is one of the best guys to deal with too. Buy with confidence.
  6. Hi, Where are you based? Thanks, John
  7. Had a good response off [url="http://www.joinmyband.co.uk"]www.joinmyband.co.uk[/url] and just thinking about plans...
  8. I'm selling my Electric Upright Bass "[color=red][size=4]Aria[/size][/color] [color=red][size=4]SWB[/size][/color]-Lite Bis". (I think the Bis means its got the two pickups, the Piezo and the standard pole piece neck pickup, but may be wrong on that score.) It has a piezo pickup and a more traditional pole piece pickup Comes with a 3/4 Bow and the little bracket that fits into the side of the bass. Also comes with soft case. Can courier at buyers cost, but would rather not. I am based in Taunton, Somerset, and work in London four days a week so collection or meet up somewhere convenient is an option. [url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v309/force_eight/photo-1.jpg"]http://img.photobuck...ght/photo-1.jpg[/url] [url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v309/force_eight/photo-7.jpg"]http://img.photobuck...ght/photo-7.jpg[/url] [url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v309/force_eight/photo-3.jpg"]http://img.photobuck...ght/photo-3.jpg[/url] [url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v309/force_eight/photo-5.jpg"]http://img.photobuck...ght/photo-5.jpg[/url] £500 Thanks for looking,
  9. Will do, pics didnt come out well - too dark when I took them. I am not back in London until 26th Nov, so early Dec suits well.
  10. Tanglewood Odyssey 12 String Electro Acoustic Artec preamp in it with bass/mid/treble/volume and a battery check button. Since buying it, I fitted an external battery box which makes changing the battery a breeze (the original fitting was inside the bowl which meant you had to loosen the strings to change the battery) It is a slim plastic bowl back which, unlike Ovations et al, sits really well and doesn't tend to want to slip off your lap. The acoustic sound is lovely and crispy clear, but because of the slimness of the body not too well endowed in the low end. Plugged in it is the same but with more control from the preamp (obviously) where the low end can be brought in. I gigged it twice in the two odd years I've had it - I bought it for a recording project and we got a couple of gigs off the back of the demo CD, and it sounded really wonderful through a PA. Currently strung with EB Phosphor Bronze light gauge strings. I don't believe there are any scratches on it and for an 8ish year old instrument it's in very good condition. The reason for selling is because I am planning to upgrade, looking at a Simon and Patrick or similar. Soft case is included and yours for £100. Because there's no hard case I'd rather not ship, but can meet in or near Taunton or in the London area during the week. Will post pictures at the weekend.
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