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  1. I took the hit and bought (with case) from the US. Not found a better place to get it from sorry
  2. Price dropped to £425. Anyone interested?????
  3. Hi I'm selling my trusty Markbass CMD 121H bass amp as I'm now playing on an ampless stage predominantly with IEMS and a Backbeat. The amp has been used predominantly for practice at home and as foldback while gigging. Really good at handling both low end and high end - I play a 6 string bass. All in good working order. Slight damage to the rubber cover of the handle, as pictured, but the handle is still weight bearing and this could be replaced. I bought this a few years ago - I believe that this is one of the Italian made models before manufacture was moved to Indonisa (if that bothers / interests you) For collection or could be delivered to Harrogate or Leeds for cost of fuel. Here are the specs from the Markbass website: SPEAKER: 1x12" TWEETER: 1" compression driver with custom horn BASS REFLEX: rear IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms SPEAKER POWER HANDLING: 400W RMS (AES Standard) AMP OUTPUT POWER: 500W RMS @ 4 ohms / 300W RMS @ 8 ohms PREAMP: solid state FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 45 Hz to 20 kHz CROSSOVER FREQUENCY: 3.5 kHz SENSITIVITY: 99 dB SPL WEIGHT: 35.27 lbs / 16 Kg WIDTH: 15.35 in. / 39 cm HEIGHT: 23.03 in. / 58.5 cm DEPTH: 18.31 in. / 46.5 cm Not interested in swaps or part exchange - got a baby on the way and need the cash. Any questions please message me.
  4. I have had mine for a few weeks now. Am yet to try it on stage but as a practice tool (where playing at any sort of real volume is not an option due to a sleeping 4 year old and really thin walls), it is an excellent tool. Using it with IEM's I quickly loose myself in my playing and forget I'm not playing in front of an amp. My only criticism of it as a product is that the headphone output and audio input are really close together so i struggled to plug in both at the same time - not a show stopper but could easily be designed out. I haven't had any issue with the vibrations being in the wrong place - it all depends on where you put it on your strap and how much you turn up the vibes (I lke the fact that it is adjustable). I'll feedback again once I have used on stage.
  5. Beautiful bass, if it was a 5 string i'd snap your hand off for it! Bump from me.
  6. Ahh, I've fallen into the 2017 /2018 trap. Thanks!
  7. Not sure if its my browser but cannot see the photos. I'm in the market for a new bass and have always coveted an Overwater....
  8. beyerdynamic DT 770 are what I use for both practice and performance foldback at the moment (same as several guys above). I use the 80ohm version. I play a 6 string bass and they give a good representation of both the low end and the high end without muddying the middle. No issues driving them and no problem experienced with a lack of volume. Managed to get them for circa £100. Really sturdy and good level of isolation.
  9. I own 2, but one does not deserve to be called a bass so technically one...... but I take charitable donations of basses, and don't forget to gift aid........
  10. I played an almost identicle bass at the bass gallery in London about 2 years ago and totally fell in love with it. I found it to be very versitile and got as far as putting a deposit on it but my wedding got in the way and I ran out of time and they sold it. I would love to buy it off you but saving for a house at the minute. Why are you selling it? Cheers
  11. edstafa


    [font="Courier New"]Hello everyone, I've just joined bass Chat having come across the site from a google and really liked the feel and content of the site. I look forward to swapping views and reviews with you all. Blessings. Ed[/font]
  12. I have been after one of these for a few years now. A very beautiful bass. If I can convince the wife to let me buy it I may be seeing you in the near future.....
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