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  1. Ah, was just the angle! Yeah, that looks about perfect to me I think we should probably switch to PM now X3
  2. Hm, that's not TOO far for when I make one of my routine trips to Leeds...will have to see if finances stretch enough that I can afford it!! How high is the action on this? Looks higher than I'm used to, I'm guessing it was raised with the pickup modification? Or is it just the angle of the photos?
  3. Veeeeeery nice! Where abouts are you located?
  4. I think Home Bargains tops all the above...£13 for a beginner acoustic guitar set. I had to be dragged away to stop me from talking two elderly people out of buying it!! Could've cried...
  5. I KNEW there was a reason I came back XD Trying to work out 'all I want for Christmas' and 'Santa Baby' at the moment. Also, 'not tonight santa', because innuendo-filled songs are endless fun I could google it, but where's the fun in that? If I get it done and it sounds decent I'll post the tab. This may not happen until 2019.
  6. I can't vote for a specific weekend because I work weekends, so I'd have to sweet talk my boss into letting me have one off once I know the dates, which shouldn't be too hard provided it's not too close to Christmas. I'll vote for 'some time in November' then Will be interesting to see what these things are like!!
  7. Lots of 'I'm in' and not much organising XD I've never been to one of these before and I'd love to go...but I've never organised anything like this before either ><;; best I'd be able to do would be a 'meet up in the train station and go sit in a pub/go shopping' thinger I'll happily HELP organise it...
  8. [quote name='Jam' post='994512' date='Oct 20 2010, 10:12 AM']My art teacher told me after GCSE "There's no point you doing art A-Level, you'd be no good at it", and I believed her. I'm so angry now though, I'm actually quite good and I think I could have been so much better. Never tell someone they can't do something, even that guy with one arm on youtube plays bass really well.[/quote] I think your art teacher must have been related to my art teacher!! He said the same thing to me! I don't think there's such a thing as a no-hoper. As long as the person gets SOMETHING out of it then it's not a waste of time! The only time this sort of thing would be a problem is with teachers who force the same teaching regime on each student rather than tailoring the lesson to suit their needs. Teach them Tetris! Tetris!!! XD
  9. Well, since I only have the ONE bass... But if we're talking about THE bass, I've been lusting after a Rickenbacker 4003 since forever! And I will continue to go on about it until it is mine X3
  10. Neko

    Which Squier?

    The VM Jaguar is seriously lush!! I'd totally want one of those in my collection if my list wasn't long enough (and my funds low enough!) already
  11. [quote name='EdwardHimself' post='983873' date='Oct 10 2010, 10:24 PM']Never mind ebay, you can get it in tescos and everything! No earplugs though...[/quote] What whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? My tescos doesn't sell it they do sell earplugs though XD Down in London the friend I was flat-sharing with always got it off his Mum...and it was extra strength imported stuff!! Boy did the fumes kill your eyes XD always did the trick though, even if we weren't QUITE sure what was in it... White tiger balm is great for if you suffer from migraines, too! Just not the red stuff, it's too strong.
  12. Good on you sounds like you had a really good time doing something most of us would never dream of doing!! You didn't say how well the REST of the band sang though
  13. [quote name='4StringFortress' post='983483' date='Oct 10 2010, 04:57 PM']You have just let your guard down and it looks like your trying too say you can sing which I think you should record and put it all over Basschat! =P[/quote] If by 'sing' you mean 'make noise into a microphone to get points on a game' then yeah, I can XD Only after a few drinks though I did do karaoke once...
  14. 40 years?? Wow...good luck to you I'm guessing you're performing today/now? Let us know how it went ^^ [quote name='fatback' post='981631' date='Oct 8 2010, 02:37 PM']we should probably have a 'blisters' thread I'm finding Tiger Balm amazing for encouraging very fast healing of sore fingers. Smells nice anyway [/quote] Tiger Balm is actually the best invention in the world ever...just a shame it's a pain to get hold of XD
  15. [quote name='4StringFortress' post='983312' date='Oct 10 2010, 01:27 PM']Lol thanks =] yea I swear by Yamaha I just wish they did a proper P-bass and they would be perfect lol. =P Yea that small amp is my old one I don't use any more its use is for hiding the GH controller behind it =P I don't actually play GH any more I find it so boring and i get cheesed off with it coz the bass parts on the songs are just to easy and really shoots down bass I feel.[/quote] Yeah, I refuse to play the bass parts as they really don't give an accurate representation of playing bass at all!! I usually end up with the drums or the vocals, depending on whatever everyone else DOESN'T want to play I'm still firm in the belief that GH and RB are great games to drag out when socialising though! I think you need a bigger amp to hide your controller though...maybe you should buy one XD
  16. Veeeeeeeeery nice! I'm a bit of a sucker for Yamaha and would like to have one eventually, when I'm not a total noob any more XD [size=1]I see your GH controller there, hiding behind your amp [/size]
  17. [quote name='4StringFortress' post='983135' date='Oct 10 2010, 10:18 AM']For example a Squier Vintage Modified Precision [url="http://www.drumshack.co.uk/product.asp?cookiecheck=yes&P_ID=4710"]http://www.drumshack.co.uk/product.asp?coo...s&P_ID=4710[/url] Depending on your budget, but you cant deny that's a beautiful looking thing =][/quote] I second this! I had the VM for a while and it was really lovely, very classy looking and had a good sound. Nice weight too! Only reason I traded was because I wanted a jazz neck You can probably get it cheaper if you go second hand too.
  18. [quote name='mart' post='981195' date='Oct 8 2010, 08:16 AM']Surely they do! [url="http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/vampyre-4/10750"]http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/vampyre-4/10750[/url] Of course it's a slab unlike the delicate carving on the Warwick models.[/quote] Aah that makes sense. I don't remember Rockbass being written anywhere, but I'm guessing it's not something they advertise That picture makes it look HORRID though!! It's not as bad looking as that
  19. Harsh, but very funny Maybe I should do that to my stalker ex...
  20. [quote name='Lfalex v1.1' post='980421' date='Oct 7 2010, 12:08 PM']Except in a nearby CrackConverters, where they have a light blue 4 String Thru-neck Vampyre for £2200! Must be an ugliness tax...[/quote] Wow...that seems steep! Pretty sure my local guitar shop had one of these in black for £500...I actually don't mind the shape of them, they remind me of over-sized violins!! XD
  21. Wow...that's gorgeous! I'm extremely envious XD bit out of my price range though!! Really well written review too
  22. [quote name='throwoff' post='979578' date='Oct 6 2010, 04:38 PM']Best thing you can do. I find restringing quite theraputic Learning your instrument is just as important when you first start as learning to play it. Learn how to change the action, how to clean the fingerboard and so on. It will make it far more pleasant an experience and help you keep at it. Mind you I am one of those people that takes almost everything I own to bits eventually to see how it all works!! Oh and you can get strings cheaply but investment is everything. A good quality set will normally sound better, last much, much longer and most importantly for a new player feel nicer. The last thing you want is a cheap set that rust after a couple of weeks and hurt your fingers! I am not saying spend 50 quid on a pack but 15/20 is a good figure.[/quote] I shall remember that, thank you next time I'm over that way I'll check out the various prices! I'll need to work out how thick I need them, how often to change them, etc anyway! I'm more than happy to spend £50 on a set of strings if they feel right and sound amazing. I know that for the thinner strings it's more often, but my knowledge pretty much ends there, I have a lot still to learn... I'm like that too though, I'll sit at work taking the toy helicopters we sell to pieces XD I now know how to fix pretty much any problem with them!! I can do the BB guns now too
  23. [quote name='throwoff' post='979514' date='Oct 6 2010, 03:46 PM']Just want to check that this statement didn't mean you would pay a shop to restring it for you? If so STOP! Learn to do it yourself, I feel terrible for any kid I see in a shop paying 5 quid for a restring and getting palmed off with whatever strings have been on the shelf the longest for another 15.[/quote] I do need to learn :/ I will probably end up asking my teacher to show me how it's done =3 the shop near me though does a restring, including strings, and a full clean for just under £11. Not sure if this is a good deal or not, though from your comment...£15 for strings?? That seems really steep... Piccies will be coming soon and noooooooooo, must avoid marketplace at all costs!!!!!
  24. I'm glad everyone approves ^^ the VM was an amazing bass for the price, but playing the PW over the past couple of days...wow. I've only got ickle hands, so I was struggling with the VM as it had MUCH heavier strings than the PW. Was going to get her restrung, but since I decided to trade her in I haven't needed to shell out the extra cash. The slimmer PW neck also makes SUCH a difference, even though there's only a 3mm difference between the VM and the PW (I'm sad, I measured them ). My fingers seem to dance over the strings in comparison, and I feel like I'm progressing fer quicker than before! All in all I'm really happy with it I'd be willing to try to write my own review, as the point of view of a beginner bassist, if anyone is interested? [quote name='Meenie' post='978577' date='Oct 5 2010, 05:10 PM']If the decision was down to me looking like Sid Vicious or Pete Wentz i know what i would have done! ;D[/quote] Well yes, but if I had the option I'd choose to look like Ginger Reyes XD if I woke up one morning looking like either Sid Vicious or Pete Wentz I think I'd crawl into a corner and die I do know what you mean though
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