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  1. NAD!!!!

    Trace Elliot AH300 SMC - sent straight to my amp tech for a service. 

    Another one rescued and rehomed in a loving environment.

    1. Deedee


      Congrats. I'm just eyeing up a couple at the moment 😆

    2. stewblack


      You do such great work. Have you considered opening your place to the public? I'm sure folk would pay to see these rehomed Trace Elliots in their natural environment, lovingly saved and cared for. Maybe a series on TV like Monkey World did. I bet Chris Serle would jump at that.

    3. TheGreek


      Great idea Stew...one slight flaw...visitors would expect to see them "in the wild"...my neighbours might not be so accommodating when they hear TE being pumped out at maximum volume...

      Maybe if I win tonight's Euro lottery £169m I'll get myself a little place in the country where nobody lives close enough to complain...

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