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  1. Digitech Bass Synth Wah

    Is this sold?
  2. *SOLD* PJB Compact 8

    Haha! The shots were upright on my phone, but turned when I uploaded them and can't see any way to turn them back! The sound is very full. Until you hear it you wouldn't believe what these 5" speakers can put out. They are completely uncoloured, so there is no over-enhanced bottom end that you usually get with bass cabs, not a lot of muddy boom. You just hear the natural tone of the instrument
  3. This Phil Jones Bass Compact 8 was only bought in May, so is virtually as new. Only gigged a handful of times. Although I don't play EUB there are many reviews online raving about this as a cab for EUB. It is very transparent and very capable. The 8 x 5" speakers are very transparent and with a rating of 800W this 4 ohm cab can handle almost anything you throw at it. Full bottom end without any boom and incredible clarity. Price is for collection from Colchester, but can arrange to meet within a reasonable distance. Built in trolley is very handy and if you use it on an angled stand it stops your head from falling off the back! TC Classic 450 head is also available £275 Details here: [url="http://philjonesbass.com/product/compact-8/"]http://philjonesbass...duct/compact-8/[/url] [attachment=253724:IMG_2568.JPG][attachment=253725:IMG_2569.JPG][attachment=253726:IMG_2570 2.JPG]
  4. Thanks for the offer, but I have a Barefaced on order, so just after cash offers. Cheers
  5. Price drop. TC head now £280 and PJB cab £490
  6. Doh! The 8B is the neo equipped one, but is 400w as opposed to this which is 800w
  7. PJB cab back on sale as deal didn't complete
  8. PJB cab now on hold. TC head still available
  9. The TC450 Classic is exactly the same tonally as the RH450 just without the switchable presets and tuner
  10. [color=#191919][font=Verdana, Arial, sans-serif][size=4]The 8x5" speakers in the PJB are very articulate and even sounding across the board and not lacking in the low end at all. The lows are present and full without being boomy. If you like a lot of fat low end this is not the cab for you, but if you like the natural tone of your bass and want to hear it uncoloured this cab is perfect.[/size][/font][/color]