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  1. Gotta love an @Andyjr1515 build thread. Always lots to learn!
  2. Decided to make some wooden pickup covers. In various stages of completion!
  3. Love it! Bet your son will be over the moon 🙂
  4. Absolutely no idea if I'm doing this the correct way, but binding and block inlays done before I attach it to the neck. Note to self: remember to put the truss rod in before I glue the fretboard on...
  5. Looks great! I like the way the headstock shape complements the body shape. Lovely finish too
  6. Thank you. I much prefer interesting wood too, like you I find the AAA flame tops etc a bit boring sometimes. My only slight regret is that the lines in the wood aren't parallel or an equal distance from the centreline, but I guess that's what you get for using natural materials!
  7. Thanks! Not binding the body this time. Doing the neck mainly as a curiosity as I've never done it before. Same with block inlays - practiced on scrap but never fitted any
  8. Couldn't resist a quick mockup. Please note, pickup cover, knob and bridge positions are approximate at best! To be added to this will be black binding on the neck, and black block inlays.
  9. Fret slots marked ready for cutting - think this oak will look pretty good as a fretboard. Edited to include my cheapo fret slotting method
  10. Started shaping the neck today - glued up the pieces yesterday. 5 piece ash + sycamore.
  11. Body cut out on the bandsaw, used the spindle sander to clean up the lines. Getting there!
  12. Trying some preliminary routing for wiring - I hate drilling for wires between cavities. This will be hidden under the top once glued on, of course. The hole on the left has been filled since I took the pic, it was quite a big chunk of metal that must have been lodged in the tree - thankfully I spotted it and did some investigating with a chisel before I hit it with the router bit!
  13. Body blank glued up, started planing the pear for the top - some nice figuring becoming visible
  14. Now sold! Black with brass saddles Wilkinson bridge, 4 string. Bought for a project but plans have changed. Only opened to take a picture, unused. Price includes UK postage
  15. Thanks @Andyjr1515- may be a long drawn out one I'm afraid!
  16. It begins... started thicknessing the cherry for the body. Unfortunately it's too wide to go through my planer thicknesser - scrub plane and elbow grease it is!
  17. Looks great! Love a satin finish. Nice bit of texture too
  18. New bandsaw arrived this afternoon, so may well have some updates soon!
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