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  1. I had both a meatbox and a mantic hulk , sold the meat , Hulk stays with me forever, it is really good.
  2. Best class D amp there is, i love mine and a very close tone to my 70's SVT GLWTS
  3. Valve Amp - who’s still using them? After nearly 40 yrs playing i think i've tried every make and model there is, there's tons of great valve amps but IMO nothing compares to a 70s SVT
  4. Now £145 inc postage to UK X-Blender as new with box - Don't loose your bottomend. Mix wet and Dry signals on the fly. It gives you serial and parallel effects loop capability on your pedalboard but with the added features of a pre-amp with gain, eq and boost options, you don't lose signal when kicking in vintage pedals either. "Aux send/return" function preserves the integrity of the guitar's signal. The X-Blender incorporates pro-audio engineering technology to solve the sonic imperfection some effects produce and was designed to be completely transparent. You'll be amazed by the clarity of the sound! A particularly useful feature is the large blend knob you can operate with your feet for fine-tuning fx levels. True bypass Can be used in a serial or parallel effect loop IN, OUT, SEND and RETURN connections Foot switch for Blend on/off FX Phase switch (invert/normal) Boost Switch (+6 dB) Volume, bass and treble control with centre button Power supply with 9 V battery or 9 VDC power supply (not included) +Delivery/postage SOLD
  5. I'd take this today if i had the spare cash..... daaaamn thats a fine looking bit of wood!
  6. NOW SOLD Future Impact 1 Panda Audio Great condition and signed by the maker Andras Szalay. The pedal has been updated to the latest v.3 software http://pandamidi.com/bass-guitar-synth + Postage
  7. Wren and Cuff Pickle Pie Hella Fuzz -B- Mint condition with box and picks. Free velcro on the bottom- inc. +postage
  8. All those gorgeous Ampeg 810s with that ugly thing stuck in the middle, madness.
  9. [b] SOLD ![/b] [b][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][color=#141823][size=5]Pretty much brand new, no Velcro, everything in the box [/size][/color][/font][/b] [b] [size=5][color=#141823][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Used once at home, just not my thing so time to go.[/font][/color][/size][/b] [b] [size=5][color=#141823][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Price includes delivery to UK.[/font][/color][/size][/b] [size=5][color=#141823][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][/font][/color][/size]
  10. Yeah i have to agree on your mini review skidder and congrats, it looks to be in good shape. I've been using SVT's now for 28 yrs and that's the reason why - A thick rich tone with unbelievable power, you have to try it through an 8x10" to appreciate what it is capable of. I've never tried anything that I consider to come close and every other amp i've tried, fails in comparision. The only trade off is the weight and the risk of going deaf !
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