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    After months of mucking about on guitar because it was more interesting, I picked up one of my basses this evening and played. It was so much more satisfying. I'll always be a bass player.
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    To misquote an advertising slogan from a few years ago. The future is bright, the future is not orange.
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    Just launched my new clothing brand for bass players: https://bassthing.com/ free shipping with the code BASSCHAT2020
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    My americana band Violet Hour has released its debut record! Check it out (click on the image) and/or order it on 45 rpm vinyl through violethourband.com!
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    There is a Loch Doon in Scotland.
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    My Hard Rock band -Soldato - released a single, "Broken Man" along with a lyric video - Listen here: https://www.facebook.com/soldatoband https://open.spotify.com/album/3913rSEhMLg9e1WOFsQueW?si=P88HaK5ASNuzlz2QIF2mWw&fbclid=IwAR3yqTc4JQbKXSSR9AubUj-DQtU_JGSHLwLb-jkf6yHn0IrVaA6o7HGnpeo
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    Wow, Prosteels may well be the worst strings I have tried, its like having the mids on -15 with a boost in the bass just to further emphasize those missing mids
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    so fed up with 2020 I bought a skinny stringed G****r
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    Spending my entire bass fund, plus a load extra on a bass will make me feel better about 2020 won't it? This is a shite year
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    Eeeep, my 'lockdown parts bass' is coming back from setup on Sunday Much excite
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    .....and another pointless Status update, I've just bought a Status Bass.
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    Just another completely pointless Status Update ... I've just bought new strings. For my Status.
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    Seriously people, stop selling such nice instruments at a time when I can't get an appointment to sell a kidney!!!
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    Amusingly coincidental ad.. Might give them a ring... I'm constantly smelling GAS at the moment...
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    Professional bass player/backing vocalist, available for serious offers. Lots of touring, T.V. & recording experience mainly Rock & Pop. Can record bass tracks remotely for your material, sorry to say but only paid work. Ideally looking to work with an established touring band. I’m very friendly, reliable & easy going with no ego. Have passport & willing to travel.
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    Struggling to think of a way that New Order’s new single could be any more crap. Truly dreadful.
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    Day 3 of Hermes Two Day Delivery. Sigh.

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