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Shiftline A+ Flex Tube Preamp - *SOLD*


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Sold elsewhere and off to Canada


Shiftline A+ Flex

In great shape, and comes with original box and power supply. A rare little thing and the info from Shiftline below.


Price includes UK Postage



The A+ Flex is a tube bass preamplifier aimed at players who prefer the classic East Coast sound.

Here at Shift Line, we've always been particularly fascinated with bass-focused devices. Our product lineup includes the Olympic preamp with its "California sound", so the introduction of the East Coast-style Flex preamp was just a matter of time. We're extremely happy to introduce the new device, as the Flex can significantly expand your sound palette.

The A+ Flex is a fully analog preamp based on the 12AX7 tube. The device allows for soft compression and characterful harmonic saturation while also giving you control over your instrument's tonal balance and volume. The Flex has three outputs (main, balanced and THRU) allowing you to set up multiple independent signal chains. Additionally, you can use the device as a drive pedal or toneshaper due to its bypass switch.


Key Features
Fully fledged tube preamp with high-voltage power.
Fully analog signal path.
Wide-range input volume control.
Control over saturation character within tube stages.
Active EQ section with detents in neutral positions.
Harmonic saturation for any broadband signal.
Drive/toneshaper pedal capability.
Active tube DI Box with high-quality balanced output and Ground Lift function.
Small, lightweight and pedalboard-friendly aluminium enclosure with top-mounted jacks.

Tube type: 12AX7.
IN: 6.3mm, mono, unbalanced, 1MOhm input impedance
THRU: 6.3mm, mono, unbalanced, 1kOhm output impedance
OUT: 6.3mm, mono, unbalanced, 1kOhm output impedance
BALANCED OUT: XLR, mono, balanced, 1kOhm output impedance
POWER: 12V DC 500mA, negative tip, 2.1/5.5mm diameter. Phantom power of the balanced line (+48V) or battery power are insufficient for the preamp to operate on. If phantom power is turned on, it will not damage the device. Use a regulated PSU only.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 101x125x55mm (3.9x4.9x2.2")
Unit weight: 430g (0.95lb).
PSU weight: 120g (0.26lb).
Delivery Set
A+ Flex preamplifier;
12V DC 1000mA PSU with 4 changeable plugs.


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This is whispering sweet nothings in my ear. One VERY stupid question, the Shiftline website has loads of videos with IRs included; I presume that’s all separate and this doesn’t have IR capability like the Olympic?

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7 minutes ago, Clarky said:

Watched a video of this, sounds utterly lovely! GLWYS

Thanks man, its a lovely thing but the Ampeg head or Capo does the trick for me atm.

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  • walshy changed the title to Shiftline A+ Flex Tube Preamp Sold
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