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quickly accessing new entries in a thread


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When following a thread, is there an easy 'one click' way to get to the first unread entry, instead (as I do) trying to guess what page I last read and shuffling through the entries to find the first unread one?

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3 minutes ago, ped said:


By default, clicking the blob to the left of the thread title takes you to ‘last read’ and clicking the title yet itself takes you to the start of the thread. 

Thanks ped, I thought it was somewhere but I didn’t check the settings 👍

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thanks, I think I get it now -

black circle = posts unread and click on to take me straight to the new material;

black star = posts unread in a thread I've contributed to and click on to take me straight to the new material; 

no circle / grey star = no new threads.


makes perfect sense now, and no more scrabbling around to find the latest info 🙂



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