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Bought this from @LouieM last summer. Definitely didn't need it, didn't really like the colour but I"ve always fancied this style of P-bass and the extra neck pickup was too much for me to resist. I've never played a bass with such light strings before and liked it more than I thought, who knew string bends could be so easy! 835194009_Bassall.thumb.jpg.d409931625bfbd87190e4d01e29d974e.jpg.f963c2941d30f7aa4417aed4a1eb12f8.jpg


Anyway, after a while I decided that even though I didn't want to buy any more basses I really fancied something flamboyant. I looked round one day and saw this white one in the corner and the rest is history. Just got it back from Toby Diggins (T-Dog Customs) and he's done a stunning job. I've also upgraded it to a Ric-O-Sound type stereo arrangement courtesy of a push-pull volume pot, just for fun. Might change the scratchplate at some point but the black works better than I thought. Also don't fancy cutting a neck pickup hole out of a replacement 'plate!



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