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TE Elf head cutting out


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Anyone else got a Trace Elliot (Peavey) Elf head that cuts out? 

I’ve been really impressed by the tone and size of this but now appears to be over heating after about 45 minutes of bedroom level playing. Cuts out intermittently for a few seconds and then comes back. 

Neither gain nor volume set particularly high. 


It’s covered by warranty so I’m expecting it to be repaired/replaced but have yet to hear back from Peavey or GAK where I bought it from. 

I appreciate the laws of physics apply to small form factors and heat, but haven’t been able to find much online about them overheating. Mine gets hot, which is to be expected due to the size but I wonder if the fan is faulty?

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I use mine at home.  My practice sessions last up to about 45 minutes and it gets warm and the fan makes a noise but it has never cut out.  I have only used it for one band rehearsal and it would have been on for 3 hours; no problems encountered.  Yours must be dodgy.

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Gak sent me a new unit and the fan is now audible. The old one never had any fan noise so either dodgy fan or controller/sensor. I’m actually strangely impressed it lasted for 45 minutes with no fan at all!


I can’t remember what the underside of my old one looked like but the replacement has a label/sticker over the original model designation so I wonder if there was a minor revision along the way? 

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