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SOLD Bridge Cetus EUB SOLD

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Hi there.

This 'drop dead gorgeous' (Bassist magazine Nov 1998) instrument has been sat in my sister's flat in Devon for far too long now and isn't getting played by me, her, or anyone for that matter. I have a 3/4 upright which gets all the attention and a Stagg EUB for those ultra portable occasions when we play electric and a song just calls out for an acoustic vibe.


So back to the bass. If you could get one they would set you back best part of £3k.

There isn't a mark on the bass, as its had home use only.

To be honest it would benefit from a setup/ new strings but thats all it needs.


To hopefully make this an easy transaction I'm asking a very reasonable but firm £1000

Trades . . . . hit me  . . . .but only electric basses in the P bass genre.

Collection from Stoke, meet 1/2 way, or even possible delivery if no more than 2 hours  .

You can of course get to play it in Stoke but please bear in mind it has a piezo pickup and my upright has a magnetic pickup so my amp accordingly doesn't make the most of the Cetus.


Photos are from previous owner as I'm not where the bass is at the moment, but nothing has changed, and I can get my sister to take a couple if needed.

Think thats all.

If you are in the market for a unique EUB at the right price then here you go.

Price includes soft case.

I've taken some photos of the review in Bassist magazine to give you the full lowdown. I'll include the original copy in the sale.cetus1.jpg.fe64a17661f4a42a0872b5fb853f6205.jpg






Here are the specs taken from the Bridge Violins website:

Body: hollow moulded bodyshell, from carbon fibre and kevlar composites

Headstock and neck: The neck and headstock are carved from a single maple block. The
headstock design is a modified copy of the 1710 Stradivari Viola da Gamba head. The neck is hand coloured and finished with oils, for a fast, smooth, traditional finish.

Fingerboard: Ebony fingerboard

Machine Heads: brass Tyrolean style engraved brass plate machine heads

Nut: Ebony nut.

The Bridge pick up system is encapsulated within the bridge, designed
by Bridge.

Tailpiece: ebony tailpiece.

Endpin: Basses use an ebony plug, notched steel rod with brass screw and ferrule, and
removable rubber protector.


Bridge Pick-Up System
The pickup system is designed by Bridge and unique to these instruments. It uses a piezo crystal configuration giving an accurate acoustic sound with an even tone. The pickup uses all mechanical movements of the instrument to generate its acoustic sound.

Bridge Active Circuitry: has a sophisticated active circuitry dedicated to the frequency range of the instrument, uses a 9V battery giving approx 3000 hours playing time.






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55 minutes ago, ambient said:

I like that.

Yup. What I’d do with it is anyone’s guess - would look cool on my wall. Mrs T would chop my nuts off though…

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53 minutes ago, AndyTravis said:

Yup. What I’d do with it is anyone’s guess - would look cool on my wall. Mrs T would chop my nuts off though…

You could put one on each side, in the cutouts.

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