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Eden Cab - Tweeter Bulb


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Hi guys

Need a bit of advice - occassionally my Eden D210xlt makes crackling noises from the tweeter. I've had the back out, and all the connections look fine. As it's only occasionally, I'm thinking the bulb/fuse like thing in the crossover is faulty, which I'm thinking I should replace before I try looking at replacing the tweeter/crossover.

Does anyone know where to buy these from? Be much appreciated 😊




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There's not much in a crossover which will cause crackling, as Bill said the bulb usually either works or it doesn't. I'd be checking leads first and trying to see if I get the same crackle with a different bass amp and leads. Good luck, intermittent faults are always a bother to find.


Ooh, I'm a supporting member, that's new.

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Blue Aran - The UK's no.1 Loudspeaker Component Stockist > Speaker Components > Crossovers & Components > Fuse Bulbs


the problem is which one, like all 'fuses' they come at different values. They are just light bulbs but you need one that heats up (and increases its resistance as a result) at just the right point to protect the tweeter but not cut it out unnecessarily. The bit you are looking at is just the glass case it's the coil inside that is doing the business.


However this one seems to work so it isn't needed (probably)


If you just want to test it then take it out and just put a wire across the terminals keep the power reasonable and you shouldn't damage the tweeter but it it's the bulb that's causing the fault it would go away.

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