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WITHDRAWN: Original Fishman Pro Eq Platinum bass
SO53 Winchester / Southampton

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Original Fishman Pro Eq Platinum bass – with compression, phase switch etc etc. Fab for upright and acoustic bass guitar. 

Note, velcro underneath, no box or power supply. Fully working. 

£70 posted (UK only)

Previously listed in Effects section

NOW £65 to clear


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Hi Beedster.... Here is the info via the handbook:


Power Options 1. 9-Volt Battery Squeeze the tabs on top of the preamp together and the battery drawer will pop out. Snap in a fresh 9-Volt alkaline. To conserve the battery, unplug the input of the Platinum Bass when you are not using the preamp.


2. 48-Volt Phantom Power Use an XLR cable to connect the Platinum Bass to a mixing board with 48V phantom power. When you turn on the 48V phantom at the mixer, the green 48V phantom LED lights up, the 9V battery shuts off and the Platinum Bass draws power through the XLR cable. The green 48V phantom LED may not light up once you switch on phantom power. This means the phantom power from the mixer is not delivering enough voltage. For insurance, keep a fresh 9V battery in the preamp. The battery will take up the slack if the phantom power is too low.


3. AC Adapter Input Use only a well filtered and regulated AC adapter with a 9-Volt DC output. We recommend the Fishman 910-R.


Here is a link to a PDF of the handbook too: 

Fishman.pdf (chirro.com)

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Thanks so much for posting those pics, unfortunately it's a whole lot bigger in life than it was in my head (it looks a lot like an onboard preamp module for an acoustic instrument so assumed it was a similar size). Sincere apologies for wasting your time Muddbass, hope it sells soon. C

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I’ll never sell mine!!

I use this for my electric basses. 
adds warmth, great eq, hpf, one of the nicest optical compressors and all in one box. 
oh yeah…and it’s a phantom powered DI box. 
I’m surprised these haven’t shot up in value and become a sought after collectable. 
probably will be in a few years when everybody will be seeking out analog gear!!

good luck with the sale !

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