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SGC Nanyo Bass Collection MIJ SB300 - With A Few Issues.....

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SGC Nanyo Bass Collection MIJ SB300 series, passive.
Cosmetic condition is pretty rough - best to think of this as a project bass.
Jack socket is a little temperamental with some leads, I can include a new jack socket, but soldering iron has just packed in so can't wire it in at present.
Cosmetically is rough, plenty of pitting, dings and dents.
I drop fillled in the underside chips on the neck between the fretboard and the neck as a trial on doing the top side. It's ok but not great.
Plays and sounds fine.  A good bass for not much cash.












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I've currently got two...If the buyer wants to make a good bass even better, think about getting the paint off the neck and satin finished. Mine plays amazing following the work @Andyjr1515 did on it.

As owners will tell you, these play better than basses for twice the money.


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Posted (edited)
43 minutes ago, jahfish said:

Has the fretboard lifted off the neck?

Possibly, yes, that could well have happened.

The finish is missing as can be seen - I've tried to gently slip a pallet knife under close to the nut and it won't drop through. 

It's had a rough life, will give it a little while longer as a project bass then will  part out.

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