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Status Headless : which gigbag ?

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I am looking for a good gigbag for a Status S2 headless 

I think that a guitar gigbag should be fine but there are so many shapes and options that I don’t know which would suit best the S2 headless  

Any advise or idea for a max budget of 100 euros / 80 pounds ? 
(Ideally from Thomann or Musicstore)

thank you 


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Posted (edited)

Most guitar gigbags will be fine. Do check whether the insides will suit the two bottom strap buttons. Not every gigbag will be tough enough in those spots, most will just have a sturdier section in the middle for a strap button in the regular center position. 

I very happily use the Mono M80 Classic electric guitar gigbag for my S2 Classics. It was about twice your budget though. It was by far the most I've ever paid for a gigbag, but then again my S2's are very dear to me and weren't exactly cheap too, so I like them to be well-protected :)

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Thank you for the info about the two strap buttons. food for thought 🙂

The mono is indeed really nice. Expensive but as you say, my S2 is my most expensive bass even if I bought it used (but nearly new)

To be continued…

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