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Ashdown Acoustic/Bass? Preamp Arriving May 10th


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As I play mainly Bass and Acoustic Guitar, I was tempted by Asdown's recent offer on the Acoustic Pre Amp pedal. As it doubles up as a DI, at £40ish it was too tempting especially as the blurb says it is good for bass too. It is arrives Monday so I will let you know how I get on.


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A notch is very high Q, so a narrow bandwidth, and usually a significant cut. It's purpose is to attenuate a pretty specific frequency, which can be useful in reducing feedback without affecting the apparent tone of the instrument too much. Feedback usually begins at a specific frequency, so if you're starting to get a howl you can engage the notch and then sweep its frequency centre to reduce the problematic pitch- it's as simple as turning the dial until the feedback disappears! There are lots of factors in play, but it can be a very quick and effective fix.

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