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Aria Pro ii SB Elite I £375
St Albans/ WGC

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End of Bank Holiday price, £375 on BC only. Can't believe I'm doing this but need the space and cash for something else. Probably losing money here and offering out an insane bargain. 

Won't bore you with the details of why this has been up and down and up again, suffice to say the bass has had some work done it since last time so I felt it was worth a new thread. 

I've done a video demo to show the bass and talk abut about it, see here: https://youtu.be/V4Isg3Y18v4

I've also done some sound demos. If you saw the previous video you heard the new pickup but with old electronics. This is the new pickup with new improved electronics. Excuse the shoddy playing/ random noodles, my hands are cold and it's early! But these three demos should give you an idea of the sound ranges on offer. Recorded direct to PC with no effects at all, so imagine if you add compression and amp simulation etc. 80s heaven. 

Bridge coil Only:


Neck coil Only:


Dual Coil:



Happy for local pickup or can send by a reliable courier (APC). Prefer UK Sale only considering the recent complications for international deliveries. 

Listed elsewhere at a higher price because of fees and people always making lowball offers! 

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Price dropped to £445. Would prefer a UK sale. The set up on this bass is superb, bashed out a rendition of Rio just this morning. Unfortunately I'm a bit too well stocked for basses right now. At this price I think I'm losing money after all the work that's gone in to this bass, but it deserves to be played and enjoyed. 

Neck through, 80s Japanese build quality. Original brass tuners and bridge. Brand new (faithful replica) pickup, plus a Kiogon loom to bring it all to life and straight to the top of the mix. 




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