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  1. Yeah I was being sarcastic. Doesn't always come across well on the internet. The "published" was intended as a jibe. Still, he seems quite proud of his work and it does seem to sell so what do we know? On second thoughts, PT Barnums famous quote probably applicable.
  2. No one has mentioned that a P pickup right up against the neck isn't going to sound like a P Bass. No idea what that jazz pickup will sound like but it must be close to the P position now. It certainly won't sound like a regular PJ. He used to butcher the cheaper Harley Benton basses but he looks to have switched to Glarries. It's the logos written in chunky sharpie that really crack me up. Well worth a 500% markup IMHO. I Didn't know he was a published author. Colour me impressed!
  3. That's hardly in the spirit of DIY. Besides, I'm not convinced those convex files won't take a little off the top of the frets. With the above method it is difficult to get it wrong if you follow the video carefully.
  4. I've used this method. The tool was simple and cheap. The sandpaper was the only real cost and I had most of that laying around. Easy to do and the results look great.
  5. I wonder how that differs from this? I love Sandbergs too btw. This one is mine. Just a simple basic 4 but it is an amazing instrument. Bought it from GuitarGuitar last year.
  6. The bass has arrived intact. I'm very happy with it. My first electric guitar was a righty Westbury standard bought from a work colleague 30 odd years ago. Sweetest sounding guitar I've ever owned. My daughter uses it now as she is a righty and she loves it. A lefty Matsumoko bass has been my unicorn bass for a few years now. Never thought I'd own one but now I do. I couldn't be happier with it. The bass was delivered to a neighbor of mine, don't know which one, and Ross was extremely helpful in chasing the courier. The neighbour, whoever it was, left it on my doorstep this morning so all turned out well but I'd like to thank Ross for both the bass and his help in chasing the courier. An excellent fellow who I wouldn't hesitate to deal with again.
  7. OK. How would you like paid? I can paypal today but I'll need to put cash in bank tomorrow for a bank transfer. My postcode is PA58TE if that helps with the postage estimate. Central Scotland, near Glasgow so nowhere exotic. Brian
  8. I'll give you 200 for it if you can post it and depending on cost of postage. I'm in Scotland. I can pay by paypal or bank transfer. Brian
  9. I have a candy apple red B1000 lefty. Great player and great sound. Mine is wearing tapewounds right now. Has has flats on it before. Am I right the company doesn't exist any more?
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