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Sold - ACG Border Reiver 32" scale 4-string
Newbury (ish) or Peterborough (ish)

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For sale or trade a rather lovely ACG Border Reiver. Purchased from the gent that is EAD on here, original ad below.

The clarity the ACG FB bridge and ACG FB neck pickups offer is fantastic, really open sound. Ergonomics are great, very comfortable to play both standing or seated. Neck has an asymmetric carve so very easy to navigate. You are hard pushed to find a better made bass in this price bracket than an ACG IMHO so price is firm. Overall condition of the bass is excellent, it has mellowed to a more golden colour than the pics suggest.

Only moving on as trying to limit myself to 34" scale on 4 strings as I find switching between them easier. 

  • Swamp ash body
  • 3 piece maple neck
  • ART American Sycamore finger board 
  • SEQ Pre
  • 42mm at nut
  • 3.6kg (on Kitchen scales)
  • Fusion Gig bag 

Willing to meet for collection following appropriate guidelines of the time within a reasonable distance. The Fusion gig bag is excellent but for insurance on postage I believe it has to be a hard case. I have one I could use but it's huge and heavy so shipping could be expensive. 








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      They don't turn up too often & I've missed out on one or two, including this one when it first came up a few months ago. Happily Paul gave me first refusal - and a great excuse to get it at no personal expense! So everyone's a winner!
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