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Another load of pedals for sale!

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SOLD SOLD TC Shaker Mini Vibrato - £40 SOLD SOLD

SOLD SOLD - AMT Japanese Girl Bass Wah - £55 - SOLD SOLD

SOLD SOLD - EHX Nano Small Stone phaser (w/ replacement rate knob) - £35 - SOLD SOLD

EBS Fuzzmo - £40

EHX Bass Soul Food Overdrive - £40

Raygun FX Dual Tap Tempo - £20

Eden i-90 Chorus (w/ proprietory power supply) - £40

Joyo D-Seed multi-mode Digital Delay - £40

Tone Gauge TG833 Distortion - £30 (one for g*****ists)

Boss PS-5 Super Shifter - £70

Single loop true-bypass looper - £10

All sorts in here, happy to discuss, listen to offers etc.

Link to other pedal sale thread:






















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    • By CalDeep
      A pedals up for sale! OC2 Is potentially already gone. 

      DOD Meatbox Reissue - mint and boxed - If you know, you know. £250

      Boss CE2-B - £100 

      Darkglass Limited Edition Hyper Luminal Compressor. Mint and boxed. - £200 

      JHS Colour Box V2 - Good condition, Boxed - £350  WITHDRAWN 

      All prices include UK shipping. 

      Would potentially consider a HX stomp in part exchange / trade. 

    • By seifregno
      Very good conditions.
      The nice and warm sound that only this kind of heads can pull out does not exist on today's class D amplifiers The head works great and develops 800W.
      It was upgraded with an original 1956 Philips valve (and it's a whole other story in terms of dynamic range )
      The valve has a value of € 80
      Obviously the original valve is also supplied.

    • By chrisaxe
      Boss TU-2 Tuner for sale. Lots of scratches and scuffs from years of use, but fully working. The screw to access the battery compartment is a little stiff, but again fully working. Velcro on the bottom.
      £45 posted within the UK. Now £35 posted within UK.

    • By angelagnostic
      Fame / Joyo PXL8 8 channel programmable looper - £70
      SOLD SOLD Palmer Bass Pocket Amp - £80 SOLD SOLD
      SOLD SOLD Soundblox Tri-Mod Flanger - £45 SOLD SOLD
      T-Rex Tapster Tremolo - £70
      Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus (blue metal enclosure with all-important mix control) - £45
      SOLD SOLD Soundblox OFD (Overdrive/Fuzz/Distortion) Bass SOLD SOLD
      Marshall Echohead Delay w/ handy little additional tap tempo (momentary footswitch) - £45
      Marshall Reflector Reverb (price reflects removal of rubber base to accommodate pedalboard/velcro attachment) - £35
      My Feedback is here:


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