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  1. Mike has just bought 2 Source Audio pedals from me - quick and easy transaction, fast payment and a pleasure to sell to. Cheers Mike, highly recommended.
  2. A great price for a great pedal. I have one of these and the one with the different 'voices' too. Both fantastic.
  3. Sold Andy my Palmer Pocket Bass Amp pedal. Great comms, fast payment, easy transaction all round. Pleasure to do business with 🙂
  4. Brian has just bought my TC Shaker Mini Vibrato, quick and easy and a pleasure to sell to. Thanks Brian!
  5. BUMP for some lowered prices - postage included also with any sales, cheers
  6. BUMP - FYI postage included in the price, as done with the pedals already sold 🙂
  7. Nigel has just bought my AMT Bass Wah. A pleasure to sell to, instant payment and no fuss. Recommended.
  8. Sean just bought my Nano Small Stone. What a great chap to deal with, no fuss, instant payment. Recommended.
  9. SOLD SOLD TC Shaker Mini Vibrato - £40 SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD - AMT Japanese Girl Bass Wah - £55 - SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD - EHX Nano Small Stone phaser (w/ replacement rate knob) - £35 - SOLD SOLD EBS Fuzzmo - £40 EHX Bass Soul Food Overdrive - £40 Raygun FX Dual Tap Tempo - £20 Eden i-90 Chorus (w/ proprietory power supply) - £40 Joyo D-Seed multi-mode Digital Delay - £40 Tone Gauge TG833 Distortion - £30 (one for g*****ists) Boss PS-5 Super Shifter - £70 Single loop true-bypass looper - £10 All sorts in here, happy to discuss, listen to offers etc. Link to other pedal sale thread:
  10. I demoed one of these and it was brilliant. I still regret not buying it. The actual bass, not the fridge magnet obv. 😉
  11. Fame / Joyo PXL8 8 channel programmable looper - £70 SOLD SOLD Palmer Bass Pocket Amp - £80 SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Soundblox Tri-Mod Flanger - £45 SOLD SOLD T-Rex Tapster Tremolo - £70 Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus (blue metal enclosure with all-important mix control) - £45 SOLD SOLD Soundblox OFD (Overdrive/Fuzz/Distortion) Bass SOLD SOLD Marshall Echohead Delay w/ handy little additional tap tempo (momentary footswitch) - £45 Marshall Reflector Reverb (price reflects removal of rubber base to accommodate pedalboard/velcro attachment) - £35 My Feedback is here:
  12. Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb - £70 inc. Postage. Great condition and boxed. Feedback here:
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