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Lightning to Aux input


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I’m going to be working away from home for a while and don’t want to be carting an amp around for practising so I was thinking about a headphone amp.

The problem is I’ve got one of those overpriced phones with no headphone output jack and the standard aux input on all headphone and practise amps seems to be a 3.5 mm jack.

Any idea how I get around this?

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Phil Jones BigHead is loved by many around these parts, myself included. It’s not cheap but it may be the best pure headphone amp out there.

Depending on your needs you may find a preamp pedal with headphone output may work well for you - there are several on the market from a number of brands.

Personally I’ve taken to using the headphone out on my Line 6 HX Stomp. It’s a phenomenal bit of kit but if you don’t need a multiFX and amp modeller then it’ll be overkill!

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Thanks for the suggestions. Perusing the pages of various well known retailers there seems to be a plethora of little mixers and cheap headphone amps around, although I haven't had good results using those sorts of things in the past.

The Ashdown and PJB both seem to get good reviews so I'll probably go for one or the other. Leaning towards the Ashdown at the moment due to the extra EQ and being a nominally British company.

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