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  1. So my next question is can you recommend a decent headphone amp?
  2. Didn鈥檛 realise it鈥檇 be as simple as that. I feel a bit daft for asking now
  3. I鈥檓 going to be working away from home for a while and don鈥檛 want to be carting an amp around for practising so I was thinking about a headphone amp. The problem is I鈥檝e got one of those overpriced phones with no headphone output jack and the standard aux input on all headphone and practise amps seems to be a 3.5 mm jack. Any idea how I get around this?
  4. I hope I can move like that when I get to his age.
  5. This is the very definition of a bass tone that blew me away. It's what made me pick up a bass in the first place and whenever I hear that record I still tune out everything else and just listen to the bass. When I recorded with an originals band many years ago I achieved quite a close sound using a Trace SMX pre into the desk, using a Precision and pick of course.
  6. Don鈥檛 know, just as long as it comes with a Woggle.
  7. That didn鈥檛 hang around long. Second dibs on this if la bam changes his mind
  8. Bought Paul鈥檚 Bass Block. It arrived very quickly and very well packaged. Exactly as described and works 100%. I鈥檇 have no hesitation in dealing with Paul again.
  9. I used to gig with a Gen 2 Compact, I think it was a 15" driver, and a Markbass LM2. We were a pub rock band with a very loud drummer. It coped, but sounded compressed to my ears so I think it was just about at the limit of what the amp could do. Agree with Mudpup. 300w is not really enough in a loud band.
  10. I had the option and so I left it but it's now been removed. It was there for a couple of hours.
  11. Exactly. I've just spent a very frustrating 30 minutes trying to find the right option from those damned drop down boxes. Gave up in the end and sent an email to the Gentleman who responded to my original complaint. I have left him negative feedback though.
  12. And it's back up again. He now has 2 positive feedbacks for the same amp and this is the fourth time he's listed it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Trace-Elliot-AH-300-SMC-GP7-bass-amplifier/303596428788?hash=item46afc1ddf4:g:3SYAAOSwE0perh~y
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