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  1. Bought Paul’s Bass Block. It arrived very quickly and very well packaged. Exactly as described and works 100%. I’d have no hesitation in dealing with Paul again.
  2. I used to gig with a Gen 2 Compact, I think it was a 15" driver, and a Markbass LM2. We were a pub rock band with a very loud drummer. It coped, but sounded compressed to my ears so I think it was just about at the limit of what the amp could do. Agree with Mudpup. 300w is not really enough in a loud band.
  3. I had the option and so I left it but it's now been removed. It was there for a couple of hours.
  4. Exactly. I've just spent a very frustrating 30 minutes trying to find the right option from those damned drop down boxes. Gave up in the end and sent an email to the Gentleman who responded to my original complaint. I have left him negative feedback though.
  5. And it's back up again. He now has 2 positive feedbacks for the same amp and this is the fourth time he's listed it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Trace-Elliot-AH-300-SMC-GP7-bass-amplifier/303596428788?hash=item46afc1ddf4:g:3SYAAOSwE0perh~y
  6. I normally only buy low value stuff on there. I find the format makes it easy to find exactly what I want. This is the first time I've bid on anything of significant value. Having now realised what a bellend the seller is I don't think I'll be doing it again.
  7. True, you can't compel someone to sell something if they don't want to. I thought £150 was a reasonable price going by completed listings, certainly not a steal. It's currently got a bid of £200. Be interesting to see if it resurfaces again.
  8. I think you could be right
  9. That looks like the same amp.What's going on there?
  10. I gave him three weeks to research it. I didn't think I was being too impatient
  11. No, I haven't left him any feedback
  12. Yeah that’s the one. “Refurbished”, yeah exactly. He’s a bottom feeding chancer.
  13. The listing stated he could ship it as does the relisting. Why do you think I’d expect it to be shipped when it wasn’t offered in the listing? The listing includes this plus a link to a courier. We can ship this item worldwide via UPS courier - fully tracked and insured to your door. We can usually ship next day in the UK.
  14. I bid on a Trace Elliot AH300SMC. Starting price was £150 and I was the only bidder so I "won" it. Emailed the seller for a shipping quote and had nothing back. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and left it a couple of weeks but then noticed it had been relisted for £200 so I messaged him again for a shipping quote. Again had no response so I reported him as a non performing seller. Then all on the same day I got this "We have many used amps and items at various conditions of use. This amplifier is one of the higher quality items" followed by a shipping quote, then he cancelled my bid. The Trace is in good nick but these things don't sell for big money. It's currently got no bids and the auction ends today so he's probably shot himself in the foot. Can he now report me as a non payer? Not expecting a solution really, just having a rant.
  15. Could never get into Zep or Sabbath but have always loved DP since a copy of 24 Carat Purple appeared in the house courtesy of my older brother. IMV Ian Gillan in his prime had one of the greatest voices in rock music. There’s an interesting read here that touches on why Purple never reached the same heights as Led Zeppelin. https://www.quora.com/topic/Deep-Purple-band?ch=10&share=1868d6a3&srid=D9y7G
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