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  1. If you’re set on one of those three you’ve listed then I’d avoid the 25. I’ve got the 40 and had the 25. The 25 is ok for making a honky basslike noise for home practise but that’s about it. It’s only got an 8” driver and very limited tone controls. The 40 sounds like a proper bass amp, 10” driver, loads of different tones and window rattling volume. It’s a totally different animal and I love mine. It is large for a practise amp though. Having said that, this is a bass forum so the advice is always going to be, get the the biggest one.
  2. I'm curious how he gets this tone. Is it the voicing of the bass plus his technique or is he using some sort of effect?
  3. I've probably got all the tools I need around somewhere. At the moment I've got a bit of rattle when fretting higher up the neck. Could this be caused by uneven frets. Hw do I check this? Yes I do indeed have very low saddle height. The E is sitting right on the bridge plate.
  4. I’ve taken the neck off and given it a good blow out. It was a bit dusty and grimy. I’ve put a piece of matchbox cardboard at the front end of the pocket. That seems to have sorted the problem. It’s far better now. Probably as good as an amateur like me will get it. I’ll still get it set up properly when we’re let out of prison. The setup is basically what it came with so could do with improvement. Thanks very much for your help.
  5. I’ve heard of shimming but haven’t given it much thought before. So a shim in the front of the neck pocket has the effect of lowering the body end of the neck relative to the headstock end? I’ll give that a go. Thanks
  6. I’ll have a go in the morning when the light’s better
  7. I’ve got a 60s reissue Precision. I’m trying to get the action down a bit as it hasn’t been touched since it came out of the shop. It had quite a pronounced bow in the neck so I’ve tightened the truss rod by a quarter of a turn which has straightened it a bit, but I’m getting a lot of fret rattle on the higher frets. Looking down the neck, it appears to be higher at the body end. Is there anything I can do to flatten it out or does it need some attention from a professional?
  8. Yes quite. It's nice to have a sanctuary from politics in general, not just Brexit.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. Perusing the pages of various well known retailers there seems to be a plethora of little mixers and cheap headphone amps around, although I haven't had good results using those sorts of things in the past. The Ashdown and PJB both seem to get good reviews so I'll probably go for one or the other. Leaning towards the Ashdown at the moment due to the extra EQ and being a nominally British company.
  10. I didn't see the link so I don't know what the song was, but I'm curious what the OP has against cover bands. Does playing original music automatically make you not crap? I've seen some pretty dire bands doing both, and I've been in a few myself. One thing they did all have in common was they were improving. With age comes maturity ( hopefully ) and it's been a long time since I've felt the need to sneer at other people for having a go.
  11. So my next question is can you recommend a decent headphone amp?
  12. Didn’t realise it’d be as simple as that. I feel a bit daft for asking now
  13. I’m going to be working away from home for a while and don’t want to be carting an amp around for practising so I was thinking about a headphone amp. The problem is I’ve got one of those overpriced phones with no headphone output jack and the standard aux input on all headphone and practise amps seems to be a 3.5 mm jack. Any idea how I get around this?
  14. I hope I can move like that when I get to his age.
  15. This is the very definition of a bass tone that blew me away. It's what made me pick up a bass in the first place and whenever I hear that record I still tune out everything else and just listen to the bass. When I recorded with an originals band many years ago I achieved quite a close sound using a Trace SMX pre into the desk, using a Precision and pick of course.
  16. Don’t know, just as long as it comes with a Woggle.
  17. That didn’t hang around long. Second dibs on this if la bam changes his mind
  18. Bought Paul’s Bass Block. It arrived very quickly and very well packaged. Exactly as described and works 100%. I’d have no hesitation in dealing with Paul again.
  19. I used to gig with a Gen 2 Compact, I think it was a 15" driver, and a Markbass LM2. We were a pub rock band with a very loud drummer. It coped, but sounded compressed to my ears so I think it was just about at the limit of what the amp could do. Agree with Mudpup. 300w is not really enough in a loud band.
  20. I had the option and so I left it but it's now been removed. It was there for a couple of hours.
  21. Exactly. I've just spent a very frustrating 30 minutes trying to find the right option from those damned drop down boxes. Gave up in the end and sent an email to the Gentleman who responded to my original complaint. I have left him negative feedback though.
  22. And it's back up again. He now has 2 positive feedbacks for the same amp and this is the fourth time he's listed it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Trace-Elliot-AH-300-SMC-GP7-bass-amplifier/303596428788?hash=item46afc1ddf4:g:3SYAAOSwE0perh~y
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