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Thoughts on the Genz Benz Focus 112 Cabs


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As the title says really chaps. 


Just want to know your thoughts on the Genz Benz Focus 112 cabs. 

I know is not a one cab solution for live but I'm curious to know how loud this little cabs can go and what their sound quality is like.



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They're great & can be a one cab .solution for lots of gigs.

I have two of them, use them either with my Shuttle 9.2 or a Little Mark ii.

They've always fitted the bill for pubs & clubs & anything bigger would be through the PA anyway.

Sound quality is great & they like to be pushed with the 9.2 but I usually get told to turn down.

I'll put it this way, at one time I had one Focus & a Berg 1/12, the Berg was replaced with the second Focus.

I still have both!

(Debadged for a more subtle look)


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I never owned a 1x12 but I did own (and use together) a 1x15 and 4x10 Focus cabs. Both excellent and used with my MarkBass LM Tube 800 sounded fantastic. The single 15" on its own was a super little cab and sounded nothing like what you'd expect a 1x15 to sound like. It was as defined as a good quality 1x12 and I wish I had two of them for the smaller gigs as the were very lightweight and compact. The 4x10 was up there with the best of them IMO. This rig was my final gigging rig and because of financial hard times some years ago I had to sell up. I would recommend Genz Focus cabs to anybody as the sound and build quality is outstanding, however I've always rated the other Genz Benz cabs I've owned over the years so I may be a little biased. 

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I use a Genz Benz Streamliner head which seems to suffer from a very bass heavy scooped sound when I have used it with some other cabs (trace Elliot, Ashdown MAG, beringer fridge, Laney). The Focus cab seems to be better at coaxing out some mids with my head so maybe it’s got a mid hump. Could be talking shite though.  

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On 07/04/2021 at 13:30, John Wick said:

There's a Genz Benz GB410T cab up for sale in good condition, but I've never ever played anything Genz Benz. What's you guys idea on Genz Benz cabs in general?

Very good.

I've owned the superb 2x12 NeoX, Focus cabs and an old 6x10 cab. All of which excellent. 

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