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Double NBD all the way!

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Hi all, 


I thought you'd enjoy some pics of two basses that arrived to me from a very loving home :). 


I originally had my eye on the Squier Musicmaster as I'd never owned a short scale before. Apparently only produced for one year in 1997 but please correct me if I'm wrong. All I can say is that I now completely understand why people adore short scale basses. Even without the beautiful thump from the single coil, it's just fantastic to play. It's in good condition considering it's age and it's even got a bit of birdseye in the neck! 

The second bass is a Fender Modern Player Telecaster. They're fairly new (as far as Fenders go) but it's really quite nice. The pickups really standout and they're super versatile. The mudbucker by itself is my favoruite though. 

I may be tempted to sell them at some point but for now, enjoy the pics! 















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Posted (edited)

Nice haul! I own a Vista Musicmaster which has quadrupled in value since I got it as my first bass in 2002ish. 

I remember playing one of those tele basses in a shop, pretty sure they used that pickup in a Mustang too. I liked it so much I emailed Fender asking if I could buy, alas no dice. Enjoy mate! 

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Nice! I remember really liking the look of the Blonde Modern Player Telecaster, but that sunburst isn't too bad either!

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12 hours ago, BassApprentice said:

Nice haul! I own a Vista Musicmaster which has quadrupled in value since I got it as my first bass in 2002ish. 

I remember playing one of those tele basses in a shop, pretty sure they used that pickup in a Mustang too. I liked it so much I emailed Fender asking if I could buy, alas no dice. Enjoy mate! 

Any recommendations for strings? I'm leaning towards trying nylons but I've never played them before. 

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    • By Martinobrien70
      I am selling this absolute peach of a bass, I have owned this since new in December 2017 purchased from GAK in Brighton(receipt attached )
      This really is in as new mint condition including all of the original parts, strap, cable and paperwork all in unused condition.
      It is currently strung with Dunlop superbrights, there is also a set of new Fender flat wounds included.
      This has never left the home and been very well looked after, the actions is lovely and the neck plays well, I am only moving this on to fund another purchase.
      They no longer make this model and they are hard to come by.
      This is a great bass with that fender growl you would come to expect.
      I have more pictures if you want them DM me
      Any questions please get in touch 
      Here is what Fender say
      The American Vintage Series
      The American Vintage series introduces an all-new lineup of original-era model year guitars and basses. Take a trip through Fender history and heritage with these incredibly authentic guitars. The American Vintage series has a range of different years, spanning the mid-50s to mid-60s, all boasting key features and pivotal design elements from their years. The American Vintage series instruments provides expert preservation of an innovative U.S. guitar-making legacy, showing how Fender not only knows where it's going, but also remembers where it came from.
      The new American Vintage Series takes a cleared slate approach with new features, new specs and the most meticulous level of vintage accuracy yet - a complete and comprehensive re-imagination of the entire vintage-reissue concept that'll just astound you with its detail. Restoring original tooling dies, voicing new pickups, reformulating vintage colours and more. Their work based on actual vintage guitars and basses they tracked down.
      American Vintage '74 Jazz Bass, 3-Color Sunburst
      The American Vintage '74 Jazz Bass incorporates the significant changes that were brought to the Jazz Bass in 1974. Only the year before had the bridge pickup been moved about half an inch closer to the bridge. Furthermore, 1974 saw the last of the four-bolt necks for quite a while. The bass guitar's slim "C"-shaped maple neck was re-sculpted with a meatier U-shaped profile (and acquired a walnut "skunk" stripe). White fingerboard binding and pearl block inlays made their first appearance, the longstanding tortoiseshell predecessors were replaced by black pickguards. The American Vintage '74 Jazz Bass also has white binding, pearl block inlays and 20 vintage-style frets. This Jazz Bass comes in a 3-Colour Sunburst colour.
      Additional Features
      This bass's other authentic features include its urethane-finished alder body three-ply black/white/black pickguard (three-ply white/black/white on Black model), new American Vintage '74 Jazz Bass single-coil pickups, upper-mounted thumb rest, '70s-style "Fender"-stamped open-gear tuners, vintage-style bridge with single-groove steel "barrel" saddles, four-bolt "F"-stamped neck plate, chrome pickup and "F"-stamped bridge covers with vintage-accurate positioning, and more.
      Equipped with two American Vintage '74 Single-Coil Jazz Bass pickups for an authentic tone
      Alder body with a 3-colour sunburst finish
      Thicker neck with "U"-shaped profile for added comfort
      Maple and round-laminated rosewood fingerboards with white binding and pearl block inlays
      Specially voiced pickups with period-correct bridge pickup positioning
      Upper-mounted thumb rest for improved comfort
      Vintage-style "Fender"-stamped tuners and neck plate
      Chrome pickup and “F”-stamped bridge covers with period-correct positioning
      Includes Vintage Black hardcase with orange interior
      Real bone nut enhances resonance and sustain
      Body & Bridge:
      Body Shape: Jazz Bass
      Body Material: Alder
      Bridge: American Vintage Single-Groove Steel 'Barrel' Saddles
      Finish: Three Color Sunburst
      Neck & Fingerboard:
      Neck Shape: 'U'-Shape
      Neck Material: Maple
      Fingerboard: Round-Laminated Rosewood
      Fret size: Vintage-Style
      Radius: 7.25"
      Scale Length: 34"
      String Nut: Bone
      Nut Width: 1.475"
      Inlays: White Pearloid
      Truss Rod: Vintage-Style Heel Adjust
      Electronics & Hardware:
      Bridge Pickup: American Vintage Single-Coil '74 Jazz Bass
      Middle Pickup: American Vintage Single-Coil '74 Jazz Bass
      Controls:Volume 1 (Neck Pickup), Volume 2 (Bridge Pickup), Master Tone
      Control Knobs: Black Plastic
      Hardware: Nickel/Chrome
      Tuning Machines: American Vintage '70s Fender Stamped Open-Gear
      Strings: Fender USA 7250M, NPS, (.045, .065, .085, .105 Guages)
      Pickup and Bridge Covers: Mounted Chrome with Vintage Accurate Positioning

    • By paddybass
      Bought from a BC'er about 3 years ago but not used much so I am moving it on. 
      A beautiful funk machine refinished in Aztec Gold. I haven't got the original listing details but I remember it is a 90's Japan body refinished by Dave Wilson.
      I have replaced the PU's with Ironstone but will include the PU's that came with it (which sounded pretty good) although I don't know the brand:  
      The Ironstone Jazz Bass pickups are Ironstone’s first Bass pickup design. They feature classic 7.3K bridge and 7.1K Ohm neck resistances for rich, but crisp vintage tones. The classic construction also includes: Alnico V vintage tone magnets Fibre flat work bobbins Waxed cloth connecting cable The Jazz Bass pickups are available as individual bridge, or neck, as well as a set. The set only, is also available in a rugged foam-lined presentation case (see photos). A comprehensive mounting kit accompanies all purchases.
      I also had the bridge reset slightly and cleaned up the neck which is silky smooth.
      The neck itself is an Allparts licensed model with Rosewood board and Walnut facing on the headstock. (Apparently cost about £400 itself)
      I am including a Spider hard case in the sale which has served me well and still does the job.
      Strung with Bass Center Stadium Elites 40-100.
      Something a little different and sounds as good as it looks. 
      Bad bits:
      Some belt rash on the back, a paint chip to the body near the truss rod adjuster and another chip by the jack input. 
      Some slight smudges to the varnish on the headstock and some wear marks on back of headstock.
      All these can be seen in the pictures and the Bass is priced accordingly, just trying to be honest. 
      Pickup and try out welcome in Poole once lockdown is over. 
      Can courier at cost in a box or meet up somewhere. 

    • By thanku
      Body : Alder
      Neck : 1 piece Maple neck (JB Style)
      Fingerboard : Rosewood
      Pickups : Fender Pure Vintage'63 (PB), Hot Rod J-5D (Jazz)
      Controls : Volume, Volume, Tone
      Bridge : Vintage
      Color : Vintage White
      Weight : 4 kg

      Rare JV, from the Contemporary series from Squier. Great built like always with the JV era ! Great bass, with low action, punchy and warm sound. Frets are in good condition, neck is straight. PB pickup have been upgraded with a Fender Pure Vintage'63 (same pickup on the American Original 63 PB) which gives better medium range. Strings are brand new. 

    • By FEND3R
      1990 Fender Custom shop fretless Jazz Bass. As you can expect from a John Page era custom shop bass – a superb instrument and the earliest Fender fretless jazz bass that I have seen from Fender (please, feel free to correct me if I am wrong, I have not seen anything else before the 1991 CS Jaco reissue).
      As one can expect the bass has been played a lot and shows a lot of dings and dongs, patina on the hardware, etc., but is all original and in perfect functional condition: straight neck with more place in the truss rod to adjust (it is not maxed out), all electronics and hardware work accordingly, action can be set very nice and low. The bass is superbly responsive, resonates extremely well with great dynamics and the harmonics are just amazing – it both sings and does the “mwah” just as well. I have not made any attempts to renew the hardware (remove the patina), because IMHO it gives it character, but if you wish my bass tech can do that prior to shipping. Width at nut is 38mm and the bass weights 4,07kg. according to my home scale. It comes with a black tolex case, probably not original.
      More detailed pictures can be found here - https://photos.app.goo.gl/xzum76RP3hJfic3s5
      Why am I selling it if its such a great bass – I am letting go a part of my collection and keeping only the vintage precisions. The asking price is what it costed me, so am not very keen on discounts. No trades, I am afraid, unless it is a well played pre-1974 precision or recent B-15. Also, if you purchase it and do not find yourself to like it – I can take it back as long as you cover the shipping and payment fees.
      Any questions – please, feel free to ask. Price includes shipping to most parts of EU.  
      You can check my feedback here : 
    • By nige1968
      It's a neck, tuning machines and string tree from a 2020 Squier Classic Vibe 70s Precision Bass. Which I reckon is about 50% of the bass itself. (I have the pickups, bridge, neckplate and pots somewhere if anyone's interested, for a few dollars more).
      It's a maple neck in vintage tint with maple board and black blocks/binding. Includes the original tuners and string tree. All 100% stock. The only mark on it is where some of the varnish on the truss-hole chipped when the rod was turned. See here:

      The whole thing is finished in the spirit of the poo-brown flare-clad Capri-driving 1970s. It has been barely used and frets are all in perfect nick.Truss turns and works properly.
      It's a slim, shallow neck for a P-bass, and fitted the body it arrived with perfectly snugly. C profile, 'crafted' by a CNC operator in Indonesia.
      Collection from Hove, or UK postage at cost (choose your preferred courier).
      More pics:

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